Gold Teeth Grillz

Shop for custom gold grillz handcrafted by the most talented jewelry designers and gold casters in the entire world. Luxe Grillz manufactures each set of gold teeth specifically to fit your smile. Learn more about our gold teeth designs here.

How Much Are Gold Teeth?

If you are familiar with the gold market, you already know the price of gold constantly fluctuates, just like the stock market. As you can imagine, this has a direct impact on the cost of our gold grillz. 

A couple of years ago, the price of gold was half of the price it is today, which made it much cheaper for manufacturers to make grillz. For reference, the price of an ounce of gold on January 14, 2021, was $1,845. This broke down to about $25 per gram in 10K gold, $35 per gram in 14K gold, $45 per gram in 18K gold, $55 per gram in 22K gold, and $60 per gram in 24K gold. 

However, the price of gold is just one of the factors that determines the overall cost of gold teeth. Similar to when you go to the dentist to get Invisalign, a retainer, or veneers made to fit your teeth, a large amount of time and skilled labor is required to hand-make gold teeth and grillz to perfectly fit your teeth. If your gold teeth designs aren’t made the right way, they will not fit your teeth properly and can cause you pain or fall out of your mouth.

Also, some gold grillz manufacturers will cut their costs by making grillz in silver and then dipping them in gold plating. Alternatively, they will make them in low-karat gold teeth while charging you high-end prices. You should know that silver is not healthy to have on your teeth. The acids in silver metal are harmful to your gums and can cause tooth decay. 

Luxe Grillz uses only the highest quality materials to manufacture your custom gold teeth designs. All of our gold grillz are tested and appraised by a third-party jewelry appraiser, ensuring that you’re getting exactly what you pay for. We also offer financing to help you pay for the grillz of your dreams.

Grillz Prices

Grillz Type

10K Gold Grillz Price

14K Gold Grillz Price

18K Gold Grillz Price

22k Gold Grillz Price

Gold Color

Single Tooth

$225 USD

$295 USD

$425 USD

$545 USD

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold

Two Tooth Caps

$345 USD

$475 USD

$676 USD

$855 USD

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold

Fang Grillz

$345 USD

$475 USD

$675 USD

$855 USD

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold

3 Teeth

$475 USD

$615 USD

$915 USD

$1,165 USD

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold

4 Teeth

$575 USD

$745 USD

$1,175 USD

$1,505 USD

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold

6 Teeth

$745 USD

$945 USD

$1,525 USD

$2,015 USD

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold

8 Teeth

$895 USD

$1,195 USD

$1,945 USD

$2,575 USD

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold

10 Teeth

$1,105 USD

$1,455 USD

$2,375 USD

$3,165 USD

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold

Bridge Grillz

$565 USD

$725 USD

$1,025 USD

$1,355 USD

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold

Gap Grillz

$325 USD

$445 USD

$625 USD

$795 USD

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold

Gold Mouthpiece Options

The team at Luxe Grillz prides themselves on providing you with the highest quality customer service possible while making you the most luxurious set of custom gold teeth on the market. Whether you want a single gold tooth or a top and bottom set of 10 teeth grillz, we’re always just a phone call away, ready to help you with anything you need. All of our grillz are custom-made, and we love the opportunity to work on custom gold teeth designs with you. 

We offer yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold options for all of our gold grillz. Yellow gold is the most popular color choice in our experience, but we do sell a good amount of rose gold and white gold sets. Luxe Grillz offers 10K, 14K, 18K, and 22k gold purity options for all of our standard and custom gold teeth grillz designs. We don’t offer a 24K gold option because it’s too pure for grillz, resulting in a mouthpiece that’s very soft and will lose its shape over time.

Where to Get Gold Grillz Online

If you are looking for the best place to buy gold teeth grillz online, look no further. Luxe Grillz is the premier destination for you to purchase custom teeth. We make the process easy by providing you with an easy-to-use mold kit that we ship directly to you. Included in this mold kit will be three sets of molding instruments, a return envelope, molding instructions, and a video walking you through the entire molding process. You can also make a virtual or in-person appointment to have one of our experts walk you through the process.

Luxe Grillz makes industry-leading custom gold teeth grillz and provides you with the customer service you deserve to help you with all of your questions and concerns. Our CEO, Alex Peck, is more than happy to Facetime you when you receive your mold kit and will walk you through the molding process. If you’re looking for standard grillz, you can purchase directly from our website. If you are interested in custom gold teeth designs, please call or text us at (310) 592-9903 and tell us about your vision! After you take your molds, please mail them back to us. Within 10 days, we’ll ship out your custom mouthpiece.

Best Place To Buy Gold Teeth in Los Angeles

Luxe Grillz is the place for you if you are interested in buying gold grillz in Los Angeles. We have an office in the heart of the jewelry district in Downtown LA. We’re here for consultations, mold appointments, and more — whether you make an in-person or virtual appointment. On top of offering you a certificate of authenticity, free in-person molds, and industry-leading quality, Luxe Grillz offers a fit guarantee on all of our gold teeth designs. Occasionally, the grillz will need a small adjustment after long-term use. We offer free adjustments and will show you how to tighten and loosen the grillz on your own so your teeth will always feel just right.

These are only some of the reasons why Luxe Grillz is the best place to buy gold teeth grillz in Los Angeles. To experience all of the other reasons why Luxe Grillz is the best grillz manufacturer in the city, call (310) 592-9903 or stop by our Los Angeles office today!

How We Design Your Grillz

  1. Dental Mold: We start the process of creating your grillz by getting a mold of your teeth. If you’re in LA, you can visit our Los Angeles office to get the mold taken. Our most popular option is for us to send an easy-to-use mold kit to your house.
  2. Making a Cement Version of Your Teeth: After you return your molds, we pour liquid cement into it, which solidifies over time. We will use this to build your custom gold teeth designs, ensuring they will fit your teeth perfectly.
  3. Waxing: We will use a heated nail and carve wax onto your teeth to match the grillz you ordered. If you ordered a single gold tooth, we will apply only the wax to that specific tooth. If you ordered a bottom six gold grill, we will apply wax on top of your bottom six teeth.
  4. Gold Casting: We will put your custom wax into a gold-casting oven. The casting process takes about 24 hours and replaces the wax with gold.
  5. Polishing and Finishing: We take our time doing the final polishing, buffing, and finishing of your gold teeth design. Here is where we apply the high polish, diamond cuts, diamond dust, or custom laser engravings that you may have added to your gold grillz.
man with tan shirt top 8 open face gold grillz
What Are Gold Teeth Grillz?

What Are Gold Teeth Grillz?

Custom gold grillz are solid gold pieces made to fit your smile based on personalized molds. What separates custom teeth from generic-fitting teeth is the molding process, which is essential for making sure the grillz fit your teeth properly. During the molding process, we can get an exact impression of your teeth, which will allow us to handcraft the grillz to fit your teeth perfectly.

Luxe Grillz makes the process easy and convenient for you. If you’re located in Los Angeles, please stop by our grillz headquarters located in Downtown LA in the heart of the jewelry district. If you are like the majority of our clients and can’t make it to our office to get your molds taken in person, we have simple do-it-yourself mold kits that we can mail to your front door.

Gold Grillz Styles

At Luxe Grillz, we can create any gold teeth designs you desire. We have standard gold teeth options, which include 

We also have diamond dust and diamond cut finishing options.

If you have any custom designs in mind, please reach out and send us your ideas, and we can provide you with an immediate quote at (310) 592-9903.

Gold Grillz Styles

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an 18K gold grillz?

The price for your grillz will depend on all the materials included in the design. While we use the current base price of gold to determine the initial cost, every diamond and detail you add will increase the price. Please see the chart above for a more complete breakdown of our pricing.

How Do You Wear Gold Grillz?

The best gold teeth grillz are custom-made to fit your teeth and can be crafted for top and bottom teeth. Some of the most popular top styles include single tooth, top gold fangs, and gap grillz. Some bottom styles include bottom 6, bottom fangs, and a bottom gold bridge. At Luxe Grillz you can design your grillz with diamonds, gemstones, and even colorful enamel elements.

Why is Luxe Grillz the best place to buy gold teeth in Los Angeles?

Buying gold teeth grillz can be a long and complicated process. At Luxe Grillz, we simplify and personalize your experience so you feel like our number-one client. We offer free in-person molds, industry-leading experience, and a certificate of authenticity with every design.

Our team is also here for your future. Any time your grillz need an adjustment, we provide free services that show you how to tighten and loosen your mouthpiece for constant comfort.

What celebrities wear gold teeth?

While fashion trends have evolved over the years, so have grillz and the celebrities wearing them. It seems like everyone from Beyonce and Drake to Post Malone and Kim Kardashian has been photographed recently wearing their own set of custom gold teeth designs. The trend seems to be moving toward having subtle but unique grillz that are one of a kind — rather than the old-school look with 20 gold teeth. 

Some stars love our floral and resin designs, and others prefer wearing a single gold tooth. Whatever your vision, our team is here to help bring it to life. Explore our grillz gallery for inspiration or make an exact replica of a mouthpiece from your favorite celebrity!

How do you clean gold teeth?

If you’re going to wear your gold grillz on a regular basis, we recommend cleaning them as often as possible. Follow the instructions below to ensure the best possible maintenance for your grillz:

  1. Rinse your set of teeth under warm (not hot) water. 
  2. Mix hydrogen peroxide or dish soap into a bowl of warm water.
  3. Use a small, soft-bristle toothbrush to rub the exterior of your grillz with the mix. 
  4. After you brush the surface area, rinse the grillz under warm water. 
  5. Let your grillz air-dry over time on a paper towel. 
  6. After they’re completely dry, use our grillz polishing cloth to rapidly rub the surface of the piece, giving your grillz a brand new shine.

Another option for cleaning your gold mouthpiece is to put your grillz in a cup of mouthwash overnight or just for a couple of hours. After you take your grillz out of the mouthwash, rinse them off under warm water and let them air dry. Then, use the gold polishing cloth we provide to buff the surface of your gold teeth.