Rihanna Grillz

Rihanna AK-47 Gold Grillz

Rihanna is a seasoned grillz-wearer, but has always favored intricate designs that reflect her personality than the original full metal sets or icy top and bottoms. The singer made heads turn almost ten years ago when she unveiled her gun-shaped grillz, stunning everyone with her artistry and bold look. Nothing puts “Bad” in “Bad Girl Riri” like rocking a gold AK-47 set for the world. We estimate her grillz would start around $1,500 to create, though the artist could likely have dished out more.

Later on, Rihanna debuted her newest grillz design, once again in gold but this time molded into the shape of a cross. Her bottom bridge cross would cost around $600 to make, but again, with famous designers and even more famous musicians, those costs can easily shoot up. 

How Much Are Rihanna's Grillz?

Since the cost of grillz is determined by a variety of factors such as metal purity, gold weight, design, and the manufacture's own fees, the ultimate bill can vary quite a bit. We estimate that a combo of Rihanna's AK-47 and gold cross grillz could cost just over $1,900. For reference take a look at one of our bottom 6 bridge grillz in white gold, for only $785. 

Rihanna Grillz

Bottom 6 Bridge Grillz

Why Is Rihanna Wearing Grillz?

Rihanna as a public figure is beloved for always being unapologetically herself. We love Riri's tenacity and see it work its way into her fashion. Even the way Rihanna has her grillz styled speaks to her overall uniqueness and eye for aesthetics and fashion. This comes as no surprise considering her experience branding as an iconic artist not to mention being founder and CEO of a billion-dollar fashion and cosmetics brand.

Rihanna AK47 Grillz

Rihanna Gold Grillz 

Like we’ve seen from the artist, everything has to do with being unique and speaking boldly about yourself. So, if you’re Rihanna, you’re more likely to go with a drip metal look or something even more custom made that speaks to your life, like guns and crosses! We’re here to help you find either to make your fashion accessory dreams come true

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Rihanna's Background 

Originally from Barbados, the mega-talent Rihanna made waves with the hit “Pon de Replay” and initially gathered interest from producer and rapper, Jay-Z.

Since then she has gone on to have 14 number-one hits in the US, 7 Grammy awards, and 12 Billboard Awards. The singer expanded her ventures in recent years with her companies, “Fenty” and “Fenty Beauty,” which have helped Riri earn the title of highest-paid female musician with a net worth of just over $1.7 billion!


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