Drake Grillz

Drake “In My Feelings” Grillz 

From our list of top music video grillz, we have to include Drake's “In My Feelings” classic top and bottom sets. And “Kiki,” you must have really loved designer Ben Baller for making these two sets last minute in under 72 hours, and having them flown directly to location. Drake’s gold sets reportedly cost a cool $14k to produce and were made in 18K white and yellow gold. 

Feature List:

  • Metal Purity: 10K Gold Grillz
  • Gold Color: Yellow Gold
  • Grillz Style: Top and Bottom 8 Grillz

Shop Top and Bottom 8 Gold Grillz

While we’re sure Drake was thrilled with the deal he got on the final product, you’ll be even more thrilled to learn about the deal we can get you on the exact same set. Forgive us for being so forward, but we really think it was “God’s Plan” for you to discover us – your premiere luxury grillz provider. 

How Much Are Drake’s 8-on-8 Gold Grillz?

According to the rapper, his solid gold top and bottom 8 sets cost a combined $14k, but we know that was likely no sweat for Champagne Papi. While we all wish we could casually drop that kind of cash, Luxe Grillz has got you covered, as we can replicate these top and bottom sets in 10k gold together for a starting price of $1,725 in either white, yellow, or rose gold. For these types of grillz, the price could possibly change due to the kind of materials being used, like the quality of gold. But even with changes in quality, we know you’ll be getting the best value and 100% authenticated jewelry with us.

Why is Drake Wearing Grillz? 

As a staple of the modern hip hop scene, and as well as being credited with helping popularize singing and R&B elements in hip hop, Drizzy is no doubt entrenched in the music culture origins associated with grillz. But perhaps as a more modern player in the hip hop game having to earn his cred amongst other artists in his early years, Drake favored more classic choices of grillz in his music video. As “In My Feelings” also used early 2000’s/90’s fashion elements like big statement jewelry and long basketball jerseys, it made sense that Drake went for a classic look that fit the themes of the video perfectly. His grillz easily made a statement and reminded us of our favorite MTV music video moments from the 2000’s. 

Drake Gold Gap Grillz

If you’re a fan of more classic grillz elements but maybe aren’t ready for a full top or bottom set, we might recommend another one of Drake’s grillz looks to inspire you. In 2015, Drake showed off his famous pearly whites with a simple top gold gap grill that we greatly appreciate for its style simplicity – the perfect poignant gold accent to finish any high fashion look. Leave it to Drake to go for the classics and also play his card in the minimalist fashion game. 

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Gold Gap Grillz

Feature List:

  • Metal Purity: 10k Gold
  • Gold Color: Rose Gold
  • Grillz Style: Gap & Gold Grillz
  • Placement: Top Grillz    




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