Custom Grillz Designed for Your Teeth

Ready to draw attention to your smile for all the right reasons? Give yourself a one-of-a-kind smile of gold with our custom grillz for your teeth from Luxe Grillz! Adding bling to your pearly whites is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Tell us the specifications for your desired grillz, and include images if possible.
  2. We’ll give you a quote within 24 hours.
  3. You’ll create a mold of your teeth. Then, we’ll start fashioning your custom-fit grillz for you and deliver them right to your door.

We’re excited to create the perfect grillz for you — Design your own grillz and show off your distinct identity every time you smile.

Get Inspired: The Sky’s the Limit for Your Grillz

Our custom grillz for teeth give a whole new meaning to putting your money where your mouth is! Whatever gold, diamond, or other gemstone grillz design you can dream up, we can make it just for you. Check out some of our most popular past grillz designs, ranging from single-tooth grillz to multiple-tooth grillz, to find inspiration for your own bouche bijoux.

Smile Brighter with Luxe Grillz

At Luxe Grillz, we’re not your average grillz company. Unlike other grillz makers, we aren’t a jewelry company that wants to make dental products. Instead, we’ve got all the same equipment a dental lab would, and we make custom grillz for teeth with our customers’ dental health in mind. That means avoiding silver, an acidic metal that is bad for your teeth. It also means using solid gold (at least 10K), creating precise molds for a custom fit every time, and showing you how to maintain stellar oral health while sporting your grillz.

man and woman smiling with custom grillz for their teeth

Diamond-Level Treatment, Always

Want your teeth gleaming in a jiffy? Fast yet high-quality service is our specialty at Luxe Grillz. When you contact us by phone, text, or our contact form, you can expect a reply within an hour. In addition, we’ll be glad to discuss custom grillz for your teeth in depth via video chat. Then, when you’re ready to design your own grillz, you can expect a quick turnaround time of 7-10 days after we receive your custom mold — one of the fastest times in the industry. 

Ready to make some magic happen? Let’s create your custom-fit grillz today!

group of people sitting in convertible showing off their grillz

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a few questions about custom grillz for your teeth before ordering? Our team has answers. Check them out!

Can you eat with custom-fit grillz?

Since food particles can get stuck between your teeth and your grillz, we don’t recommend eating with them in. If you simply have to eat with your grillz, you should remove and clean them immediately after your meal.

Can you smoke while wearing grillz?

Like with your real teeth, smoking either tobacco or marijuana causes discoloration to the gold and other materials in your mouth. It’s one of the quickest ways to dull and darken custom grillz for teeth and will result in expensive repairs and maintenance.

If you design your own grillz, how long do they last?

With proper care and maintenance, our grillz are made to last a lifetime. You must clean and care for them as you would any other piece of jewelry — especially designs made with gold, diamonds, and other gemstones. 

Are there any cons to wearing grillz?

Even custom-fit grillz aren’t designed to be functional. They won’t keep your teeth in place or perform other dental functions. In fact, if worn for too long, they can actually misalign teeth or interfere with your bite. 

At Luxe Grillz, we make our custom grillz for teeth to align as closely as they can to your natural bite so they’re super safe. However, we don’t recommend these as an alternative to functional dentistry pieces.

Why do you use at least 10K gold for grillz?

Gold is an antibacterial material that is safer for your teeth and mouth health. The higher purity of gold we use, the better it is for your teeth. We use a minimum of 10K gold when you design your own grillz, but 14K and 18K grillz are also available.