Single Tooth Grillz

Reclaim your power and show off your boss status with a single gold tooth cap from Luxe Grillz! If you’re looking for a customized fit and a unique design, we have a great selection of single gold tooth grillz for you to explore. Check out solid gold caps, diamond embellished grillz for one tooth, and flooded single-tooth accessories today!

single tooth open face diamond grillz yellow gold
Stay on Top in Fashion with a Shiny Gold Tooth Cap

Stay on Top in Fashion with a Shiny Gold Tooth Cap

Our single gold tooth grillz made of minimum 10K solid gold. However, we also offer 14K and 18K yellow gold grillz options to help you make a bold social statement, or flex with some rose gold grillz. Our grillz for one tooth are even available in white gold if you’re going for an unforgettable platinum look that will pair well with any and every ensemble.

Achieve a Picture-Perfect Smile with Jewels

Looking for a bejeweled gold tooth cap? Choose our open face white gold grillz with green emeralds for spring. Or, add fire to your look with our gold grillz with red rubies. Our single gold tooth grillz can also be custom-made with blue sapphire, magenta sapphire, or even the unique combination of amethyst and diamond. You can also amp up the bling all the way with a flooded single-tooth mouthpiece that’s completely covered in gemstones.

Achieve a Picture-Perfect Smile with Jewels
Luxe Grillz: Your Go-To Grillz Source

Luxe Grillz: Your Go-To Grillz Source

Your dream grillz is our dream order at Luxe Grillz! We love delivering gold tooth cap grillz and other grillz masterpieces at affordable prices. Just reach out to us directly to customize your grillz and we’ll respond to you within an hour. We’ll discuss the details of your grillz during an in-depth consultation to make sure that you receive the mouthpiece you’re envisioning. 

Once we finalize the details, all you have to do is create a mold of your teeth with a kit we provide for you, and we’ll handle the rest! Create your grillz today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are yellow, white, and rose gold popular gold tooth cap options?

Rose gold stands out for its romantic, old-time appearance and durability. Yellow gold is also popular due to its strength and, most importantly, its rich appearance and classic vibe. White gold is a top choice because of its pure color and strength, especially if you want a silver aesthetic without the risk of tooth damage. 

No matter which option you choose, you can expect a high-fashion look that will always elevate your look. 

What makes grillz for one tooth so appealing?

Nothing adds bling to your smile like a diamond cap. This flashy mouthpiece is a timeless and innovative way to express yourself, which is why it’s become mainstream during the past two decades. You can find many celebrities and influencers wearing these diamond teeth today, including Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Nelly, Katy Perry, and more.

Why choose an open face single gold tooth cap?

An open face cap is a style that surrounds your tooth with gold, framing your real tooth. It highlights your teeth instead of fully covering them. At the same time, it instantly gives your smile the blinding shine you’ve always wanted. 

At Luxe Grillz, our open face grillz are known for their bright luster and ability to stand the test of time. You’ll also love the perfect, truly comfortable fit that these grillz provide.

What are some unique ways to customize one tooth grillz?

At Luxe Grillz, you can add a personal touch to your gold tooth cap by adding charms to it, like an angel or a cross. You can even create a grillz featuring a gorgeous lavender stone or beautiful diamond dust for a sophisticated look. Reach out to us today to discover how we can make your idea a reality.