Ruby Grillz

Looking for the perfect way to show off your boss status? Our ruby grillz won’t disappoint. The ruby symbolizes nobility, passion, and purity, making our ruby teeth a must-have for anyone who wants to channel royal vibes and draw all eyes to them. Create your grillz now!

ruby halo diamond fang grillz
diamond, amethyst, and ruby grillz

Refine Your Smile With Rubies

Add a touch of class to your smile with one of our open face ruby grillz or choose our bottom 6 grillz with diamonds, amethysts, and rubies to take your smile over the top (or bottom!) We offer both lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds were not as high quality years ago, but today, they’re virtually indistinguishable from genuine diamonds and are more budget friendly. Because quality is so important to us, we also use only solid gold (at least 10K) in all of our grillz.

Create the Perfect Grillz

Whatever grillz you can dream up, we can create. That’s the Luxe Grillz way. Just reach out to us directly through our contact form or by phone to work with us to customize your grillz. We’ll go over your project during an in-depth FaceTime consultation. After all of the details are finalized, the only thing you’ll need to do is create a mold of your teeth with a provided kit. Then, we’ll handle the rest! We’ll ship your beautiful grillz to you within 10 days of getting your mold.

Single tooth gold open-faced ruby grillz
Pear-shaped ruby gap grillz

Shop at Luxe Grillz Today

At Luxe Grillz, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible to get your own grillz. Not only are our prices relatively affordable but also our site is user-friendly. When you reach out to us, you can expect to hear from us within an hour so we can complete your project as soon as possible. Our fast turnaround is potentially the quickest in the industry. We’ll work with you until the end of the transaction, assuring the final product is exactly what you want. Partner with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my teeth need to be straight for a ruby grillz?

Not at all! Even people with crooked teeth can take advantage of ruby teeth. That’s because your grillz will be based on a detailed mold of your pearly whites. Your grillz will fit your natural teeth perfectly.

Can I get a ruby grillz if I have missing teeth?

Yes. If the teeth located on both sides of your gap are strong and healthy enough to support your grillz, you shouldn’t have a problem wearing a custom grillz. Since no two people’s mouths are the same, a reputable grillz manufacturer doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to their customers’ unique cases. They’ll work hard to create the right grillz for your teeth.