Kim Kardashian Grillz: A Complete Style Guide

BREAKING: Kim Kardashian's New Emerald Cut Diamond Grillz

Kim Kardashian's grillz styles have captured the essence of the KKW Beauty brand. 

This time, as of 4/17/2021, Kim K revealed an Emerald Cut Diamond Grillz set. Buy Kim K's Emerald Cut Diamond Grillz:

Feature List:

  • Gold Purity: 14 Karat
  • Number of Teeth: 6 Teeth
  • Gold Color: White Gold
  • Diamond Cut: Emerald
  • Authentication: 100% Authentic Purity Guarantee (learn more)
  • Placement: Bottom
  • Shipping Policy: Free Shipping 

kim k emerald cut diamond grillz

Shop Kim K Bottom 6 Emerald Cut Grillz 


Kim K's Opal & Diamond Grillz

On 3/17/2021, Kim Kardashian revealed her new set of bottom 8 opal and VVS Diamond Grillz. 

Feature List:

  • Gold Purity: 14 Karat
  • Number of Teeth: 8 Teeth
  • Material: Opal & Diamond
  • Gold Color: White Gold
  • Diamond Clarity: VVS
  • Authentication: 100% Authentic Purity Guarantee (learn more)
  • Placement: Bottom
  • Shipping Policy: Free Shipping 

Kim K Opal Grillz

Shop Kim K Bottom 8 Opal Grillz 

Opal & Diamond Grillz Hot in 2021

Although Kim K's Opal Grillz are HOT, she was actually not the first to make them famous. Many celebrities have been spotted rocking opal grillz including A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator. Our prediction: 'Opal grillz will become the single hottest trend of the teeth jewelry collection of 2021' - Luxe Grillz.

Read on to find out more about Kim Kardashian's trend setting teeth jewelry styles. 

Kim Kardashian Diamond Teeth Grillz

In January 2019, Kim splurged on some new diamonds for her grin. She posted a photo on Instagram showcasing her impossibly white teeth with a delicate diamond cross between her front teeth and her bottom eight teeth fully iced out.

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new grillz

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The new grillz appear to be among those she collected in November 2018. That's when she posted a photo while getting her mouth molded for custom designed jewelry. 

She's also seen regularly rocking a "Kim" grill with her name spelled out in diamonds on her lower teeth. The gangsta chic Kim Kardashian bottom grillz look is becoming a signature accessory for the well-known celebrity. 

Kim pairs these lower grillz with her iconic Kim Kardashian gap grillz for the full celebrity effect. 

Bringing the grillz back out shows she's on top of her game once more, and ready to continue slaying despite what happened in Paris. What's more, Kanye is rarely seen without elaborate grillz, and so it's no surprise the mother of three would have a few in her collection. 

A History of Kim Kardashian Grillz

When it comes to looks, few people slay like Kim Kardashian West. From her impossibly curvaceous figure to her incomparable style, she's made dropping jaws her profession. A true pop icon, she and her husband, Kanye West, represent fashion's ultimate power couple. 

From her emergence on the scene in 2006 as Paris Hilton's stylist and part-time closet organizer to the debut of her reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim's style has come a long way. She's had too many memorable looks over the years to count.

And Kim Kardashian grillz prove downright fierce. Keep reading to find out more about the social media queen's rise to fame and how you can capture her sex appeal with your own gold and diamond teeth.

Who Is Kim Kardashian West?

Born in Los Angeles, California, in 1980, Kim Kardashian West is the daughter of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian. Robert rose to prominence in 1995 as a vital member of OJ Simpson's defense team, helping him win acquittal on double homicide charges. 

But the family wouldn't achieve pop-culture standing until 2007 when Keeping Up with the Kardashians began airing on television.

This TV show was the culmination of a big break she received in 2006. This happened when she worked with Paris Hilton as her stylist and appeared on several episodes of the Simple Life.

To this day, Kim credits Paris with giving her a career. Of course, the 2007 leak of her sex tape, made four years earlier with then-boyfriend Ray J, also helped launch Kim from a largely unknown quantity into a household name.

The Making of a Megafranchise

Keeping Up With the Kardashians provided the unvarnished story everyone wanted to see of Kim and her outlandish LA family.

Nine TV spinoffs and many millions of dollars later, Kim and her family have impacted everything. From social media to female body image and the economy of celebrity. Now in its 18th season, the show airs in 167 countries and has spurred a megafranchise.

Kim has capitalized on this fame to assemble a lifestyle and fashion empire. Much of her wealth stems from her fragrance and cosmetics company KKW Beauty. In 2019 alone, it generated $100 million in sales. 

A Fashion-Forward Pop Icon

Kim also launched an inclusive shapewear brand called Skims in 2019, raising $5 million from the firm Imaginary Ventures in the process. 

In June of this year, Coty announced the purchase of a 20 percent stake in KKW Beauty for a reported $200 million. They valued Kim's company at $1 billion. Set to close in early 2021, the deal will leave Kim a 72 percent stakeholder in the company.

At the deal's close, Forbes estimates she'll be worth $900 million. In response to the deal, Kanye recently took to Twitter to praise his wife on achieving billionaire status. While Kim hasn't quite reached the six comma club yet, she's in good company.

In April, Forbes announced that Kanye was a billionaire.

KIM K Bottom 6 Bridges Grillz

Kim Kardashian West has made bridges grillz a stunning fashion symbol. Get her look with the blingy Bottom 6 Bridges Grillz in 18 karat gold. 

Feature List:

  • Gold Purity: 18 Karat
  • Number of Teeth: 6 Teeth
  • Gold Color: Yellow Gold
  • Authentication: 100% Authentic Purity Guarantee (learn more)
  • Placement: Bottom
  • Shipping Policy: Free Shipping 

Kim Kardashian Bottom 6 Gold Grillz

Shop Bottom 6 Bridge Grillz in 18K Yellow Gold

If you want to look even more like Kim, inquire about icing out the Bottom 6 Bridges Grillz. It's a showstopping look that'll put all eyes on you.

KIM K Diamond Bottom 8 Grillz

Kim has also made waves recently on social media with her glittering lower tooth grillz. You can achieve a similar look with a Diamond Bottom 8 Grillz

Feature List:

  • Gold purity: 14 karat
  • Diamond clarity: VS+
  • Diamond color: G
  • Number of teeth: 8 teeth
  • Gold color: white gold
  • Placement: bottom
  • Authentication: 100 percent authenticity guarantee
  • Shipping policy: free mold kit

bottom 8 vs diamond grillz white gold

Shop Bottom 8 VS+ Diamond Grillz in 14K White Gold

You'll put out a luxe vibe with this stunning piece of handcrafted jewelry crafted solely from the finest materials. When you work with a jeweler who understands your needs, they can ensure the most pristine set of diamond teeth possible. 

Kim Kardashian Gold Grillz

Kim isn't one to rock a basic gold grill. But she has been seen stepping out with delicate diamond-encrusted grillz with a healthy dose of gold bling. 

When it comes to Kim Kardashian teeth, another of her most gorgeous looks is an iced out six- or eight-piece set bridges grillz with handset diamonds. The grillz sits atop her lower teeth. With gold and diamond gap grillz, you can't get a more luxurious look. 

How do you rock a look like Kim's? By choosing jewelry that's both glamorous and tasteful. With that in mind, let's take a look at options for channeling Kim Kardashian grillz teeth. 

Teeth Jewelry: Kim Kardashian

When it comes to a mouth full of gold and diamonds, Kim prefers elegant minimalism. She excels at knowing right where to put bling for a sophisticated vibe with a touch of street cred. Whether you want to emulate her gap grillz, bridge grillz, or bling out your lower teeth, check out these grillz.

Kim Kardashian Gap Grillz

Of course, no look would be complete without a touch of opulence to your top teeth. Whether you go with basic gap grillz or opt for a cross-shaped accessory, you can evoke Kim's trendsetting beauty. 

Contact us to request a design for any custom grillz you desire. Tell us your specifications and send along some photos.

We'll get back to you with a quote in 24 hours or less. We can also provide you with information on Kim Kardashian grillz cost. 

How to Buy KIM K Grillz

How does ordering a set of grillz work? Start by selecting the product you're interested in and placing an order. Within a few days, you'll receive a complimentary mold kit in the mail.

What will you receive in your kit? Two sets of mouth trays and modeling materials. Use the mold kit to capture impressions of your teeth. 

The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions. These instructions provide a step-by-step guide to help you create accurate impressions of your teeth. After you've shipped these molds back to the company, we'll use them to craft your design.

The Finest Materials and Handcrafting

Are you ready to order a set of Kim Kardashian grillz? We've got a wide range of products designed to suit your fashion needs.

Remember that all Luxe Grillz comes with a proper fitting guarantee. So, if you don't like the fit once they arrive, send them back. Luxe Grillz will remake your grillz order at no extra charge.

What's more, if you break your grill, Luxe Grillz will replace it. Head over to our "Design Your Own Grillz" page now to get started with your custom design.   

New Priorities and Lifestyle

In 2016, a violent robbery in Paris during Fashion Week rocked Kim's world. During the attack at the Parisian guest home, the Hôtel de Pourtalès, thieves tied her up and robbed her at gunpoint, making off with a reported $10 million in jewelry. 

The event would change her perspective in many ways, making her come to terms with the fact her glamorous lifestyle could also lead to plenty of unwanted attention.

Following the robbery, some speculated that photos Kim had posted to Instagram during Fashion Week might have motivated the thieves. In one of the most provocative imageof s, Kim took a selfie with a 20-karat diamond ring on her finger.

The ring had been purchased by Kanye from Lorraine Schwartz Diamonds & Fine Jewelry at Bergdorf Goodman in New York for approximately $4 million. She also wore a gorgeous diamond grillz.

Kim wouldn't take another selfie with grillz until 2018, a testament to the trauma she experienced during the robbery. But, today, she appears to have fully recovered and learned important lessons along the way about not giving out too much information via social media. 

Over the past couple of years, she's gone out on the town with a variety glitzy diamond and gold teeth. Let's take a look at some of her favorite looks. 


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