Post Malone Grillz

Post Malone's Bank Breaking Grillz Spotted

Grillz don’t always have to be the flashiest or most bold accessory, but in the case of Post Malone and his most recent million-dollar purchase, they certainly can be! The musician most recently acquired an ambitious installation of two 12-karat diamond fangs along with brand new veneers. Post Malone's grillz reportedly cost him nearly 1.6 million dollars. 

Overview on Post Malone Grillz

Post Malone’s newest grillz are getting him plenty of attention, and who wouldn’t draw that attention with a dental trip costing about $1.6 million. In addition to the two massive diamond fangs, the artist also acquired 28 units of ceramic restoration to complete his new flashy smile.  

Post hasn’t just recently joined the grillz game though, as he’s been seen rocking full top and bottom gold sets, drip gold grillz, and an incredible pink diamond and rose gold top and bottom set. Clearly, the hip hop artist isn’t afraid of a little sparkle, and we’re here for it.

Why is Post Malone wearing grillz?

While Post Malone isn’t known for being a traditional hip hop artist, his appreciation for the art of grillz and their bling is certainly something we can attribute to his position as a trap/hip hop icon. Meanwhile, the rapper is very much known for having a bold style and aesthetic to match his bold beats. While we love the way grillz have evolved into a sleek and stylized accessory, we also have to show all the love for the tenacious and incredible works of art Post Malone has allowed us to experience: big, flashy, and cool as can be, echoing classic grillz fashion.

How much do Post Malone’s Grillz Cost

Post Malone’s most recent dental artistry did cost him $1.6 million, enough to make all of our wallets quiver. While you can spend this much on grillz, you certainly don’t have to, and Luxe Grillz is thrilled to provide you with the grillz of your dreams and excitingly affordable prices.

Post Malone Gold Grillz

Post is clearly a man who loves gold, in any shape, style or color. Whether incasing diamonds or giving an extra flair with a rose tint, gold grillz are a staple in the artist’s impressive display of accessories. 

Post Malone Diamond Grillz

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, that is of course until they met Post Malone. From his full top and bottom set of bold pink diamonds to his brand new, jaw dropping 12-karat diamond fangs, it’s no secret that the rapper is never shy about his bling. Shop all diamond grillz

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