Top 10 Grillz

Making an impression is as easy as slipping a top 10 grillz on. At Luxe Grillz, your leading gold teeth maker online, creating these custom works of art is our specialty. We offer 18K, 14K, and 10K gold teeth in numerous styles ranging from emeralds to sapphires, diamonds, and more! Disrupt the status quo by creating unique top row grillz with your personal touch today!

top 10 grillz rose gold
top 10 grillz yellow gold

Top-10-Worthy Top Row Grillz

Start kicking butt and taking names in fashion, music, and any other industry you want to dominate with our 10 teeth grillz. We use only solid gold, meaning you can expect a cream-of-the-crop accessory when you choose Luxe Grillz. Our grillz can be made with striking rose, sophisticated white, or classic yellow gold. We can also combine top 10 and bottom grillz to create a fully bedazzled, head-turning smile.

Gold Grillz in a Jiffy

Contact the experts at Luxe Grillz to learn more about our process and set up an in-depth consultation. We’ll gladly go over your custom project and answer all your questions. As soon as we’ve worked out the details for your grillz, you’ll receive an impression kit to create a mold of your teeth. Our talented top row grillz makers will use the impression to create a custom-fit grillz for you and send it to you within a few days tops.

top 10 grillz white gold
top 10 bottom 10 grillz

Life Is Better With Luxe Grillz

At Luxe Grillz, we’re passionate about making it as effortless as possible to get custom top row grillz. Our prices are relatively affordable, and our website is user friendly. You can also easily reach out to us to customize your gold grillz. We respond to our website’s contact form, texts, and calls, and you can also discover more about your grillz 24/7 with the help of our chatbot. Request a free quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose yellow gold grillz?

Yellow gold is among the most popular gold options since it can instantly make your smile look shinier and more sparkly, enhancing you looks. It’s an effortless way to boost your charisma and make smiling easier than ever. Yellow gold also works well with various outfits, creating the perfect contrast for an eye-catching look.

Why choose 10 teeth grillz over a single tooth grillz?

These grillz are ideal for any fashion-forward person who wants to cover more of their pearly whites with bling. They’re more dramatic and easier to spot than single tooth grillz. Choose this option to display your individuality and bold style. A single tooth grillz has the opposite effect, being most effective for individuals who prefer a more discreet grillz look. Both are elegant options for improving your smile.