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Tyquian Terrel Bowman is an American rapper and vocalist who goes by the stage name Quando Rondo. YoungBoy Never Broke Again's Never Broke Again and Atlantic Records are his labels. He rose to prominence after the release of his song "I Remember" with Lil Baby in January 2018, which led to the release of three mixtapes: Life B4 Fame (2018), Life After Fame (2018), and From the Neighborhood to the Stage (2018). (2019). His song "Motivation" was included on WorldStarHipHop's prominent YouTube channel.

Quando Rondo was born and grew up in Savannah, Georgia. He showed an early interest in music as a child. He served time in juvenile correctional camps as a youngster before being released in October 2017. He made the decision to devote his life to music at that moment and as it happens fashion!

Quando Rondo Grillz

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Who Is Quando Rondo?

A Savannah, Georgia native, Quando Rondo recently visited a studio to take part in the latest episode of In My Bag, where he showed what he rocks with on a daily basis by emptying out his pockets. In keeping with previous guests, the Never Broke Again signee made it clear that maintaining good oral hygiene was a top priority for him, always keeping floss picks and toothpaste in his pocket.

As he sorted through his possessions in the beginning of the film, he began by flossing his teeth with a stick of dental floss. Quando Rondo points to his floss and adds, "I always keep these because I have permanent diamond teeth," referring to his floss. In another episode, he discusses his love of baking soda toothpaste and how it helps his diamonds sparkle the brightest and most brilliantly.

Quando Rondo has become one of the most idolized hip hop artists from the Savannah area over the past 4 years. He is well known for wearing high-end clothing, tons of jewelry, and a custom set of yellow gold or diamond grillz. Photos have emerged of a younger Quando Rondo flexing top and bottom sets of yellow gold teeth, and recently we have seen him upgrade to the popular top and bottom diamond grillz sets on white gold. Quando Rondo, like most other grillz-wearers, chooses to go with the yellow gold option if no diamonds are being added and chooses to opt for the white gold option when going for the fully iced-out sets of grillz. The main reason for this is that having the diamonds set on white gold the grillz look uniform and completely flooded, while if you add diamonds to yellow gold grillz, you will notice the yellow gold accents and prongs holding the diamonds in place. 

He also joined the Savannah subsection of the Rollin' 60s Neighborhood Crips when he was a teenager.

"Quando" is his stage name, which is a pun on his moniker. Rajon Rondo, a basketball player, is also a fan of his. Chief Keef, Collective Soul, and Fatboy Slim were among the artists he listened to as a kid.

He released the single "I Remember" in January 2018, which featured rapper Lil Baby. He then released the tracks "Motivation" and "Paradise" as a follow-up. On YouTube, the videos for all three songs have amassed millions of views. Life B4 Fame, his debut mixtape, was released on April 17, 2018. The album included tracks with guest verses from Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and OMB Peezy, as well as "ABG." In the first two days after its release, it received 1 million listens on MyMixtapez.

Quando Rondo released the track "Kickin' Shit" in June 2018.

Later that month, he was named as the first signee to Never Broke Again, LLC, YoungBoy Never Broke Again's Atlantic Records label.

He and Kevin Gates were featured in the YoungBoy song "I Am Who They Say I Am" in August of that year. Quando Rondo was featured on three of YoungBoy Never Broke Again's 4Loyalty EP's four tracks the following month.

Quando Rondo's second mixtape, Life After Fame, was released on September 24, 2018. YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Rich Homie Quan, and Boosie Badazz all contributed verses to the album. He then went on to open for SOB X RBE on a few US tour dates as part of their "Global Gangin" tour, which was set to wrap up in December 2018.

In February 2019, Quando Rondo released the track "Scarred from Love," which was included in his third mixtape, From the Neighborhood to the Stage, which was released on May 10, 2019. On January 10, 2020, he released his debut studio album, QPac.

Quando Rondo in Recent News

'Nobody Wants to Book Me Because They're Terrified,' says Rondo. Following in the footsteps of King Von Murder

Club promoters are hesitant to hire Quando Rondo since his associate is accused of killing King Von in a shooting in November 2020, according to All Around TV.

"No one wants to hire me because they're afraid," Rondo explained. "That's the truth.”

It's not the first time the 22-year-old Georgia rapper's live gigs have been canceled because of his claimed involvement in Von's terrible death. The Mayor of Georgia canceled Quando Rondo's event in November because police judged it a threat to public safety.

Rondo exclaimed, "The mayor canceled my presentation about my daughter's life." "Big bro, they are facts. I'm not going to cancel a show."

Quando Rondo discussed the death threats he's received as a result of his involvement in King Von's death in an interview with All Around TV.

However, some sh*it comes my way, and that's how I'm going to deal with it "Rondo remarked. "You may threaten death all you want, dude, but f*ck it, that's just some words, my n***a. Go out and accomplish something."

Timothy "Lul Tim" Leeks, a buddy of Rondo's, is accused of shooting Von during a brawl between their respective teams.

The fatal event happened outside an Atlanta nightclub on November 6, 2020, when an altercation between two parties suddenly escalated into shooting. Von was one among those who received gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital right after. Shortly later, he was pronounced dead.

Timothy Leeks was charged with Von's murder and released on a $100,000 bond from the Fulton County Jail.

Following King Von's death, Quando Rondo addresses threats.

Quando Rondo discussed the death threats he's received as a result of his involvement in King Von's death. Rondo remarked in a recent interview with ALL AROUND TV that the death threats aren't affecting him. Quando Rondo discussed the death threats he's received as a result of his involvement in King Von's death. Rondo remarked in a recent interview with ALL AROUND TV that the death threats aren't affecting him.

However, some nonsense occurred to me, and that's how I'm going to deal with it, Rondo explained. "You may threaten death all you want, dude, but f*ck it, that's just some words, my n***a. Go out and accomplish something."

Rondo went on to explain that he'll be with his young daughter no matter what happens. "I'm returning to my daughter, and if I hadn't, God would have called me," he continued. "However, I'm returning home to my daughter."

Rondo has surrounded himself with people who are equally committed to defending himself as well as the Quando Rondo brand. This was clear when Timothy "Lul Tim" Leeks, one of his friends, allegedly shot King Von during a brawl between their opposing factions.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Releases ‘Colors’ Mixtape

YoungBoy has never gone broke. Again has been putting out a lot of music lately, and his latest mixtape Colors is his latest offering.

The tape comes after a slew of new tracks and projects, including "Bestie/Hit," a collaboration with DaBaby, "Fish Scale," which served as a Colors promo single, and "Black Ball." The rapper, who was released from jail in October and is now on house arrest in Utah, has also released the Colors singles "Bring the Hook," "Know Like I Know," "Emo Rockstar," and "Emo Love." In December, NBA and Birdman collaborated on the mixtape From the Bayou. The 22-year-old rapper released his Sincerely, Kentrell album a few months prior, which dethroned Drake's Certified Lover Boy from the top spot on the Billboard 200 when it was released.

Colors include a cameo from Quando Rondo on "Gangsta," as well as a collaboration between Internet Money and "Flossin."

Colors is available to stream on Spotify and other streaming services.

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