Dua Lipa Grillz

Butterfly Dua Lipa Grillz Spotted

UK pop princess Dua Lipa spotted out with her friends rocking butterfly grillz styled with her full denim outfit. Dua might’ve skipped out on the Met Gala, but that hasn’t stopped her from turning out high-end looks and making bold fashion choices.

Overview on Dua Lipa Grillz

Dua Lipa might be relatively new to the grillz game, but she certainly isn’t acting like a grillz newbie. Dua has been pulling bold fashion moments for years, like her Versace Met Gala triumph or her iconic Alexander Wang two-piece, and her accessory game has been a huge part of that. 

Typically, a fan of gold, Dua opted for jewel-crusted rainbow butterfly grillz on this occasion. Dua says she loves to tell a story through fashion, and with this butterfly theme running throughout her denim look, the “Future Nostalgia” diva is taking us on the next phase in her style journey.

Why is Dua Lipa Wearing Grillz?

Grillz have been making the rounds in high fashion circles for many, many seasons at this point, and Dua is certainly not one to miss out on a style trend. In fact, she’s here to innovate. Grillz have over time extended beyond their origins in the hip hop world and have also grown to be styled more broadly. Dua’s use of her butterfly grill is an excellent example of the evolution of grillz.

The UK pop star’s super stylish and casual street outfit is elevated that much more with the inclusion of her custom grillz. But grillz don’t have to be overwhelming or pull all the focus. Dua’s modern head-to-toe denim look featured butterfly accents throughout, with the butterfly design of the top and butterfly appliques running up and down her outfit, her stunning and subtle grill choice was the perfect addition to elevate but not overwhelm her look, proving that grillz have become an everyday fashion choice.

Dua Lipa’s Diamond Grillz

Dua’s unique butterfly grillz are composed of gold and a blend of jewels like sapphire, opal and of course, diamond. The set features full designs as well as open faces, showing off both the intricacy of the design as well as the pop star’s brilliantly white teeth.

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Who is Dua Lipa?

Dua Lipa is an English singer and songwriter, known for her unique disco-pop sound. The winner of multiple awards and nominations, the singer rose to fame after the release of her eponymous album from 2017 featuring tracks like “New Rules” and “IDGAF.”

The model-turned-pop star cemented herself in the music scene with her album “Future Nostalgia,” which captured the ears of the world with her signature twist on an iconic disco sound.



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