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Buy Custom Fang Grillz Online. Luxe Grillz offers custom fangs in Silver, 10K, 14K and 18K with Diamonds & other rare Gemstones. 

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Fang Grillz

What Are Fang Grillz? Most Popular Fang Grillz Styles Beyonce Diamond Fang Grillz Do you Recommend Vampire Fangs? How are Fang Grillz Made? How Much are Fang Grillz? How to Find 100% Authentic Fang Grillz Who Sells Fang Grillz? Best Place to Buy Fang Grillz Online

Fang grillz are unlike other grillz some of the most popular gold tooth options on the market because they are subtle and sleek. You can also give off an “edgy” look if you decide to go with extended or vampire fangs.

Many people believe that these fashionable fang grillz are only worn during the Halloween season, but this is not the case. Fang grillz can be worn on a regular basis. Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and Kylie Jenner have all been spotted sporting grillz with fangs, making them one of the trendiest new fads in hip hop, rap, and high-fashion culture.

Celebrities are stating unequivocally that grills are here to stay. It's a rap/hip hop culture phenomenon that has reached a larger audience and is enjoyed by individuals of various races, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

What Are Fang Grillz?

Fang Grillz are popular grillz covering the canines (3rd tooth on each side) which typically are shaped to the clients tooth, but occasionally are made to resemble that of a vampire.

Fang grillz, also known as Vampire fang grillz, are similar to regular tooth grills, but with fangs to resemble a vampire. They come in a variety of designs and colors, are crafted of solid gold, and frequently include diamonds, sapphires, opals, and other stones.

We also market the fangs as single fang grillz for a single tooth. As a result, when you order standard fang grillz from us, you have the option of wearing 1 tooth at a time or wearing both fang teeth together. Typically when we make our fang grillz, we make each tooth a single cap. Sometime clients want their fang grillz to be connected by a backbar, which we can definitely do for you.

At Luxe Grillz we have a huge collection of unique styles fang grillz that are trending now. If you want a custom made fang grillz with your own design then you can contact us. We are here for you. We encourage all of our customers to add their own personal touch to their fangs whether that means adding colored stones, an engraving, an opal, or enamel.

There are a variety of fang grillz available on the market, but some of them are more stylish and popular than others. We listed some of the most popular fang grillz below:

  • Solid Gold Fang Grillz: When it comes to fashion and style, gold is the first thing that jumps to mind, because jewelry would be inconceivable without it..
    Solid gold fang grillz are getting more and more popular. Yellow gold fang grillz have are in the top 3 of our most popular grillz pieces that we sell. Most of our clients choose to add a subtle engraving to one of both of their solid gold fangs.
    For our solid gold fang grillz, we offer them made in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. If you are thinking of ordering rose gold pr white gold fangs, we would recommend going with the 10K option and if you are thinking of going with yellow gold, we recommend 10K or 18K.
  • Diamond Fang Grillz: One of the most effective methods to make an impact in a crowd is to wear a diamond fang grillz. In a circumstance when you're wearing a diamond fang grillz, you'll undoubtedly stand out, and everyone who comes into contact with you will remember you for your strong sense of style and flair.
    Diamond fang grillz are becoming increasingly trendy. Diamond fang grillz have become a must-have item in today's hip-hop jewelry. This is a top fashion trend among artists and fashion fans in modern music, movies, and even the fashion industry, and it is here to stay. When the situation calls for it, this is an excellent method to bring attention to oneself.
    If you want to order a set of diamond fang grillz, we can make them the standard way so they follow the shape of your teeth, or we can even make them to be vampire fangs with diamonds fully covering the entire tooth.
  • Open Face Fang Grillz: Open face fang grillz is a perfect option for you since it is made of pure gold and can emphasize your teeth with its outline distinctive design while giving a brilliant brilliance to your smile. Open face gold grillz are available in 10k, 14k, or 18k yellow, white, or rose gold. The open face grillz are a little more subtle and artistic than the solid gold fangs and we can also make them for you with diamonds and other gemstones.
  • Vampire Fangs/Extended: One of the more unique trends of wearing fang grillz is to have the tips of the fangs be extended and sharp like a vampire. You can add this feature to our standard fang grillz or we can even add this to a top 8 grillz piece, which we’ve noticed to be very popular.
    Trippie Redd is infamous for having a top 8 and bottom 8 grillz piece with extended fangs on every tooth so he looks like a shark. If this is something you are interested in, we can definitely make this happen and even add diamonds to your shark teeth style vampire fang grillz piece.

Beyonce Diamond Fang Grillz

Grillz have garnered a lot of popularity in numerous sectors, which is no surprise to those who are already in the Hip Hop game. Grillz appears to be as popular as ever these days. Grillz are worn by a number of well-known singers and celebrities, including P. Diddy and Madonna.

So, what is it about grillz that makes them so popular? They may be viewed as a fashion statement as well as a unique means of self-expression. It's also a chance for the affluent and famous to flaunt their money and position by putting some additional glitter in their mouth.

The most popular pair of diamond fang grillz have been worn by Beyonce. Queen B has a set of Bottom Diamond Fang Grillz with a gold “bridge” connecting them together. If you are interested in having the same style of grillz made to match Beyonce, we can absolutely do that. Please reach out to us ((310) 592-9903) or email us at

Do you Recommend Vampire Fangs?

We recommend Vampire Fang/Extended Fang Grillz only for the top teeth. If you have a standard bite or small overbite, you will experience discomfort if you decide to get vampire fangs on the bottom teeth because it will make it difficult for you to close your teeth and talk. If you have a standard bite and want to get extended vampire fangs on your top grillz, this is absolutely an option and recommended.

How Much are Fang Grillz?

Gold Fang Grillz vary in cost depending on the gold purity (10K, 14K, 18K).

  • Solid Gold Fang Grillz in 10K start at $375
  • Solid Gold Fang Grillz in 14K start at $495
  • Solid Gold Fang Grillz in 18K start at $695

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Diamond Fang Grillz vary in price depending on the quality of diamonds that are used, as well as the type of diamond (lab grown vs natural diamond). Lab Grown diamonds are more affordable and better for the environment, but natural diamonds are still in very high demand.

  • Lab Grown Diamond Fang Grillz start at $1,475 for the pair
  • Natural Diamond Fang Grillz start at $1,705 for the pair

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How are Fang Grillz Made?

Similar to most of our other custom grillz, manufacturing fang grillz follows this process:

  1. Molding: : At our downtown Los Angeles office, we'll take a mold of your teeth, and we can also offer you a mold kit so you can do it home using our video tutorial.
  2. Cementing: We add liquid cement in your mold and use it to make a cement replica of your teeth.
  3. Waxing: We wax your cement mold by hand. If you pick our diamond fang grillz, we will apply extra thick wax. We make the wax thicker than if you were ordering conventional fang grillz since diamonds are tall and we need enough gold for the diamonds to sit correctly without scratching the surface of your teeth.
  4. Casting: The wax for your fang grillz is placed in our gold casting furnace to begin the casting process.This casting method takes around 24 hours from start to finish and generally replaces the wax form of your grillz with gold.
  5. Final Finishing: We put the final touches on your work. We begin by filing and polishing the grillz. If your fang grillz has sapphires, emeralds, or diamonds, we will hand place each stone on your fang grillz to create a stunning one-of-a-kind item. Each pair of teeth is subjected to a variety of examinations to verify that there are no loose stones that might cause problems in the future. A third-party appraiser inspects all of our iced out fang grillz and does quality control checks on all of our completed items.

How to Find 100% Authentic Fang Grillz

Looking for 100 percent authentic fang grillz online and finding a reliable and responsible grillz business is the best way to go. We recommend buying from a business like Luxe Grillz, which places a strong emphasis on customer service and high-quality fang grillz. Also, we work with the goal of achieving 100% client satisfaction.

Every material we use at Luxe Grillz is 100 percent genuine and real. So, if you're unsure where to acquire real fang grillz, call Luxe grillz right now.

Who Sells Fang Grillz in Los Angeles?

There are several grillz firms that provide fang grillz in Los Angeles California, but Luxe Grillz is the most dependable location to get fang grillz if you want a terrific experience and a flawless completed product. Most grillz businesses do not offer single teeth fang grillz because they have issues with the grillz fitting on the customers teeth, but since we have a heavy background in dental work, we do not have any issues with the fitment of our fang grillz.

Luxe Grillz is the ideal place to shop for fang grillz in Los Angeles because of our undefeated customer service, commitment to using high quality materials, and quick 6-day turnaround. Conveniently located in the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles, Luxe Grillz is in the heart of the jewelry industry and we do all of our manufacturing in Los Angeles as well.

Best Place to Buy Fang Grillz Online

Luxe Grillz is the finest site to buy fang grillz online. Check out each company's reviews, give them a call to see how quickly they respond, and inquire about their production time to make the best decision possible about where to buy your fang grillz online. After you order, Luxe Grillz will provide you with an easy-to-follow mold kit (along with a video instruction) and we will have your fang grillz finished in 6 days. If you order diamond fangs, it will take a little bit longer for us to manufacture them because we will hand-set every diamond.