Odell Beckham Jr. Grillz

OBJ Shows Off 1.8M Grillz & More

BREAKING NEWS: Rumor has it that OBJ spent over $1,800,000 on a full 28-tooth mouth reconstruction including teeth gems, gold grillz and diamond grillz. 

Odell Beckham Jr also was seen flashing a newly purchased set of bottom diamond grillz featuring roughly 6 to 7 carats of emerald cut VS+ diamonds costing near  $18,727 if it was made 10K White Gold. 


Odell Beckham Jr is one of the most exciting athletes to grace the earth in the past couple decades. He recently won his first super bowl for the Los Angeles Rams and during the celebratory parade, he was seen flashing a brand new bottom diamond grillz piece.

More About Odell Beckhams Grillz

Each one of these diamonds is custom cut to eventually be “invisibly set” in the grillz piece. OBJ, chose to have this custom emerald cut diamond grillz piece made on white gold. Odell has also been seen wearing too.

As previously mentioned, Odell Beckham Jr’s new diamond grillz piece features over 6 carats of very rare emerald cut diamonds which are hand-set in an invisible setting style which makes it look like there are no prongs holding each stone into place. If you were interested in purchasing a similar set of grillz as the one that OBJ debuted during the Ram’s Super Bowl parade, it would cost you roughly $18,727 in 10K White Gold with Natural VS+ Emerald Cut Diamonds. 

Buy OBJ's Diamond Grillz here. 

In the below Instagram post, you may also notice some beautiful diamond teeth on his upper fang and molars. Rumor has it that Odell Beckham Jr went to a well-known dentist in Los Angeles to have his teeth replaced with artificial teeth and some of his teeth have custom cut permanent diamonds implanted in the surface of them. While the top teeth are technically not considered to be “grillz” because they are not removable, they definitely compliment the removable bottom piece that he was showcasing at Los Angeles’ downtown Rams’ Championship parade.


 Rumor has it that OBJ spent over $1,600,000 on doing a full 28-tooth mouth reconstruction which includes around 13 carats of diamonds on his upper teeth alone. These permanent upper diamond teeth paired with Odell’s new emerald cut diamond grillz will bring the total diamond weight to over 20 carats!

Buy Grillz Like Odell Beckham Jr's

If you are interested in purchasing a similar diamond grillz piece to the one that we saw Odell Beckham Jr wear in the Super Bowl parade, then Luxe Grillz is the custom diamond grillz manufacturer that you should contact. With higher-education dental school experience and VIP office space located in the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles, Luxe Grillz is able to provide you the elite customer service and finished diamond grillz piece that you deserve. 

Top 8 and Bottom 8 VVS Diamond Grillz

For a full set of grillz, you want to get the bottom eight and the top eight of your teeth molded. You want to pay attention to the type of grill, the diamond clarity, and the purity of the metal. Grillz come in different styles with different metals and gemstones. 


Top 8 Diamond Grillz
Feature List: 

  • Gold purity: 14 karat
  • Diamond clarity: VVS
  • Diamond color: D
  • Number of teeth: 8 teeth
  • Gold color: white gold
  • Placement: top
  • Authentication: 100 percent authentic purity guarantee
  • Shipping policy: free mold kit

Diamond Top 8 Grillz

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Diamond Bottom 8 Grillz 

To do it right, you must also pair the Top 8 VVS Diamond Grillz with the Bottom 8 Diamond Grill to complete the iced out flair. 


Feature List:

  • Gold purity: 14 karat
  • Diamond clarity: VVS
  • Diamond color: D
  • Number of teeth: 8 teeth
  • Gold color: white gold
  • Placement: top
  • Authentication: 100 percent authentic purity guarantee
  • Shipping policy: free mold kit

bottom 8 vvs diamond grillz

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Luxe Grillz's Diamond Grillz Bottom 8 is crafted from the finest materials and will give you the iced-out Alvin Kamara teeth you've always dreamed of. 

Type of Grillz

This is a diamond grill with 14K white gold. There are approximately 350 stones used in a set of right top teeth grillz. 

Purity and Color of Metal 

This grill is made from white gold that is 14 Karats. This means that it is about 58% pure gold with added metals for a lighter color. 

Diamond Clarity

The clarity of a diamond refers to the measurement of its flaws. The diamonds for this grill are VVS, meaning Very Very Slights and one measurement away from flawless. 

For this grill, the color is also "D", which is the highest grade of a colorless diamond. It refers to the diamond's transparency. 

The Luxe Grillz team has fantastic relationships with the world’s most respected diamond dealers and we work with 3rd party jewelry appraisers who certify that all of our pieces are 2nd to none on the jewelry market. With years of custom grillz manufacturing experience, Luxe Grillz has ONLY received 5 star reviews from our clients and we have never received a single complaint. We truly put our customers first and do not sacrifice anything, providing you with the highest quality grillz on the market, to get you glowing like Odell Beckham Jr.

How To Buy OBJ Grillz

  1. Reach out to the team at Luxe Grillz via phone (310) 592-9903 or email (luxegrillz@gmail.com) and mention to them that you are interested in ordering the same bottom emerald cut grillz that Odell Beckham Jr has. 
  2. Let us know if you’d like to have the grillz made in white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. 
  3. Have your mold taken - You can stop by our Los Angeles grillz office and we can take your mold, or we can mail a mold kit to your house and you can take your own mold while following our instructional molding video. We will take a 50% deposit when we get the molds of your teeth done. 
  4. We will make your grillz in gold and have you try them on before we set the diamonds (it will take us about 7 days to make the grillz in gold). We will take the remainder of the payment here and go out and buy all of the diamonds and have them professionally set.
  5. Due to the complex nature of this custom grillz piece, it may take up to 4 weeks to have all of the diamonds custom cut and set into your grillz piece. 
  6. Once the grillz are finished, you can pick them up from our grillz office in downtown Los Angeles or we can mail them to you in a fully insured package. 

Who is Odell Beckham Jr?

Odell Beckham Jr is a 5’11 wide receiver who was born and raised in Louisiana. He has a very close relationship with both of his parents, was drafted in number 12 overall in the 1st round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the New York Giants. Aside from his recent Super Bowl win, Odell is most well-known for his signature one-handed catch that he had his rookie year against the rival Dallas Cowboys and is also an expert at the Touchdown celebration. 

Odell Beckham JR played for the NY Giants from 2014-2018, was traded to the Cleveland Browns where he played from 2019-2021 and joined the Los Angeles Rams during the 2021 season and won a Super Bowl with them that same football year. 

Outside of playing in the NFL, OBJ is a global fashion icon and is close friends with tycoons across all industries including rapper Drake and NBA superstar Lebron James. OBJ has his own signature cleats with Nike, which is very rare for football players. While OBJ has battled a handful of career changing injuries, when he is healthy he is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous wide receivers in the league.

Odell Grillz and Fashion

With over 15.5 Million followers, Odell Beckham Jr transcends the sport of football. He has been in numerous runway fashion shows and his off-the-field style is one that fanatics try to emulate on a daily basis. Odell Beckham Jr is doing wonders for the grillz and fashion industry and is definitely a creative artist on top of being an all-pro bowl football player. If you are wondering on what should be your next set of diamond grillz and want to steal the spotlight like Odell Beckham Jr, you should definitely reach out to the Luxe Grillz team and get started on your own set of custom emerald cut diamond grillz.