Bottom 6 Grillz

The bottom 6 grillz are the most popular set of teeth in the entire industry. Most of our professional athlete clients prefer going with the bottom 6 so they have the ability to wear mouthguards on their upper teeth and still show off their dental bling.

man with yellow gold bottom 6 grillz
bottom 6 grillz with diamond fangs

Bottom Grillz For a Top-Tier Look

Grillz are detachable dental adornments that can be replaced. They fit on top of one or more teeth and are frequently crafted of gold with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, opals, enamel, and more!

The Etruscans, who resided in present-day Italy at the time, first invented the grills. Up until the Roman conquest of Tuscany, they were popular among the affluent Etruscan women. Rather than leave their natural teeth in place, the women opted to have gold teeth inserted into their mouths. There were roughly 20 sets of gold teeth weaved together with a thin gold wire, about the thickness of an ordinary rubber band, found by archaeologists in Rome's excavations.

Ancient Mayans also had jade embedded in their teeth. It was customary for Mayan kings and queens to have holes drilled in their teeth and fill them with jade. During the time from 300 AD to 900 AD, this was a common practice.

Hip-hop culture has nothing to do with the practice of inserting diamonds into teeth. In the early 1980s, rappers like Raheem the Dream and Kilo Ali began sporting grills as part of their look. Many celebs, like Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Jay-Z, are still seen out and about in them.

Grillz are commonly utilized to exhibit one's individuality and flaunt one's wealth. In this article, we'll go over the bottom six grillz and give you some pointers on how to pick the right one for your needs.

In contrast to top grillz, which are worn on the upper teeth, bottom grillz are worn on the lower teeth, and bottom grillz are more popular because they are more “lowkey” and subtle. Generally speaking, bottom grillz are smaller than top grills in breadth and height since lower teeth tend to be narrower, less wide, and just generally smaller than upper teeth. Make sure you only buy solid gold grillz when shopping for bottom 6 gold teeth sets because silver and other metals are very harmful to your teeth.

Most Popular Bottom Grillz Styles

The bottom 6 grillz are already extremely popular in the fashion business. When customers are indecisive on which grillz to purchase for their first grillz pieces, we automatically recommend the bottom 6 grillz. There are many other varieties of bottom grillz on the market, but bottom 6 gold teeth and the bottom bridge are the most popular. In the next section, we'll look at some of the most popular bottom grillz, which may be considered both a fashion statement and a unique means of self-expression.

The ability of the wealthy and famous to flaunt their wealth and rank by putting a little extra glitter in their mouths is a growing trend. In our experience, we have noticed that most of our clients shopping for bottom 6 grillz want to add an engraving or some sort of new feature to make their grillz piece one of a kind.

  • Solid Gold Bottom 6 Grillz: If you enjoy wearing bottom grillz for fashion and style, the bottom 6 piece is a must for your collection. As you can see, this solid gold bottom 6 gold teeth has the ability to make your teeth stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of others.
    True to form, the solid gold bottom 6 teeth will turn you into an icon, and wearing the piece will leave a great first impression, as you will be the epitome of creativity and style for the masses.
    The gold bottom 6 grillz are made of 10K, 14K, 18K, or 22K gold and come in a variety of colors, including yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. There is also the option to get a bottom 6 gold teeth made in white gold, then “e-coated,” which changes the color of the gold to purple, blue, red, black, and more.
    Different types of bottom 6 teeth are available on the market, and at Luxe Grillz, you can get some of the most popular styles of bottom 6 solid gold pieces, or we can work together to customize a completely unique bottom 6 piece.
  • Bottom 6 Diamond Grillz: The best way to make a pivotal first impression and light up the room with your smile is by having a set of diamond grillz. At Luxe Grillz, we offer a variety of bottom 6 diamond grillz designs featuring stunning sapphires, beautiful opals, attractive emeralds, gorgeous rubies, and so much more.
    When it comes to popularity, the bottom 6 diamond grillz are always the most popular. The majority of our customers shopping for diamond grillz choose to go with the bottom 6 diamond teeth as opposed to the bottom 8 diamond grillz due to the final purchase price and because most people don’t show their molars when they smile.
  • Bottom 6 Open Face Grillz: These grillz are becoming more and more popular every day because they are subtle, are artistic, and show off the client’s beautiful white teeth. We have noticed that a good number of ladies prefer to incorporate some open face teeth into their grillz pieces because this offers less of a “gangster” look. We also have a popular bottom 6 option where the middle four teeth are covered in gold and the fangs are open face.

Best Place to Buy 6 Piece Bottom Gold Grillz

Luxe Grillz is the finest company to purchase bottom 6 gold grillz in terms of customer happiness, service quality, fair price, and speedy exchanges.

Luxe Grillz has bottom 6 grillz in 10K, 14K, 18K, and 22K gold to complement your style. We’ll FaceTime with you while you take your molds in addition to giving you an easy-to-follow molding instruction video to help you through the molding process. Our first objective is to exceed all of your expectations in terms of grillz quality and customer service.

Best Place to Buy 6 Teeth Bottom Diamond Grillz

Luxe Grillz is the best place to shop for bottom 6 diamond grillz. We have a wide variety of styles and a quick turnaround time, and all of our customers have had only great things to say about their experiences shopping with us. In addition, we recently added lab-grown diamonds as an option to our diamond grillz pieces because they’re environmentally friendly and a more affordable option. At Luxe Grillz, we obtain some of the greatest diamonds and gemstones money can buy from precious gemstone sellers in Israel, Australia, and South America. Since we are located in the jewelry district in Downtown Los Angeles and have tight-knit relationships with gem dealers around the world, we’re able to source the highest quality stones at a very reasonable price. This allows us to pass the savings onto you when you purchase your bottom 6 diamond teeth while we still provide you with the best diamonds money can buy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend bottom 6 perm cuts?

No, bottom 6 perm cut grillz are not recommended since their fit will loosen up over time from your taking them on and off. Gold is soft, and on perm cut grillz, the gold covering each tooth can move over time. It’s a much better idea to have the grillz deep cut as opposed to perm cut so that the bottom 6 grillz is one solid piece.

Because of this, we do not recommend these bottom 6 gold teeth. At Luxe Grillz, we propose only the best grillz so that our customers don't waste their money on grillz that don't last long or satisfy their expectations. Our products and services have received a 100% positive response from all of our customers.

How much are bottom 6 grillz?

The cost of the bottom 6 grillz is determined by a number of elements, including metal purity, gold weight, design, the inclusion of diamonds or other gems, and the amount of labor required.

You may select from three karat options: 10K, 14K, and 18K. As the number of teeth you purchase rises, the price per tooth for high-quality custom gold grillz usually decreases.

The cost of diamond bottom 6 grillz varies based on the quality of diamonds used and the type of diamond (lab-grown vs. natural diamond).

For reference, bottom 6 solid gold teeth in 10K start at $745. Bottom 6 grillz in 14K start at $945. Bottom 6 teeth in 18K solid gold start at $1,525.

Bottom 6 diamond teeth in 10K with VS+ lab-grown diamonds start at $3,055.

How are bottom 6 grillz made?

Every bottom 6 gold teeth piece at Luxe Grillz is carefully handcrafted. We follow these steps when making your custom set of grillz:

  1. Molding process: At our downtown Los Angeles office, we'll take a mold of your teeth, and we can also provide you a mold kit so you can do it yourself using our video tutorial.
  2. Cementing process: We pour liquid cement into your mold and use it to make a cement replica of your teeth. We make the grillz to fit this mold perfectly, which allows it to fit your teeth perfectly.
  3. Waxing process: We use dental wax on top of your cement mold to create your identical grillz. If you pick our diamond grillz, we’ll apply extra-thick wax. We make the wax thicker than if you were having ordinary grillz since diamonds are tall and we need enough gold for the diamonds to sit correctly without scratching the surface of your teeth.
  4. Casting process: The wax for your grillz is placed in our gold casting furnace to begin the casting process. This technique takes around 24 hours from start to finish and basically replaces the wax form of your grillz with gold.
  5. Finishing process: Here is where we add the finishing touches to your bottom 6 gold teeth. We begin by filing and polishing the grillz. If your grillz contains sapphires, emeralds, or diamonds, we have our diamond setters set each stone by hand in a “micro-pavé” fashion. Each set of teeth is subjected to a battery of tests to ensure that there are no loose stones that could cause problems in the future. A third-party assessor inspects all of our iced-out grillz and performs quality control checks on all of our completed items.

For the sake of your oral health, we thoroughly inspect each set of teeth to make sure there aren't any hidden stones. A third-party assessor evaluates all of our iced-out grillz as part of our quality control process.

How do you clean bottom 6 grillz?

When you use bottom 6 gold teeth or any type of grillz, you must be mindful of cleaning. Cleaning a grill is not so difficult when you know how to clean, but you should do it more carefully when you have a diamond grillz. Here are some quick tips to keep your grillz clean:

  • Do not smoke with your grillz on.
  • Do not eat with your grillz on.
  • Do not drink soda with your grillz on.
  • Run your grillz under warm water, and softly use a toothbrush to scrub the grillz gently.

How do you find 100% authentic bottom 6 grillz?

This crowded grillz market may cause you to become perplexed. Certainly, you must be mindful while purchasing a bottom 6 piece. A reliable grillz provider can provide you with genuine bottom 6 gold teeth that should fit comfortably and last you forever. To that end, we at Luxe Grillz urge you to do business with us since we place a great emphasis on both exceptional customer service and top-notch bottom 6 teeth.

You can be confident that the bottom 6 pieces you receive from us are authentic solid gold pieces because Luxe Grillz does not sell gold-plated grillz. We also have all of our grillz tested by a third-party alloy assessor before we deliver the finished grillz piece.

Who sells bottom 6 grillz online?

A handful of grillz companies sell bottom 6 pieces, but Luxe Grillz is the most reliable place to shop for grillz online if you’re looking for an all-around great experience and a perfect finished product. Your teeth are delicate and prone to shifting over time. For this, we strongly advise you to get your bottom 6 piece from a company with experience in the grillz field, such as Luxe Grillz, not just jewelers learning how to produce bottom 6 gold teeth. We have a heavy background in the dental field and use this to help us make decisions on a client-by-client basis. This accompanied with our outstanding customer service is what makes Luxe Grillz the best place to purchase grillz online.