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Find the perfect grillz to brighten your smile from our curated collection made of 100% solid gold. Our hand-picked favorites use natural and lab-grown diamonds, along with a variety of other natural gemstones to elevate your sense of style. Each grillz is uniquely customized and designed to adhere to your teeth, with extreme attention to detail and quality. Wear only the best on your teeth with Luxe Grillz.

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Don’t miss the hottest updates on celebrity grillz and trends. From Justin Bieber to Ricky Gonzalez, see the celebs who are wearing grillz jewelry, and how you can get it customized for your personal style. Find out all about the hottest custom grillz styles that you definitely won’t want to miss.

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Shop our curated collection of discounted grillz. This collection will constantly be updated and all custom grillz are made in real gold featuring VS+ genuine diamonds.

Custom Grillz

From hand-engraved grillz to single-tooth grillz, find grillz that make you feel your best. Our curated collection of custom grillz are ideal for all styles, and can be further customized upon request. Once you order and send the mold, we guarantee that your set of grillz will be on its way to you within 10 days!

Hand-crafted Custom Gold Grillz

Dare to look different and work with us to design the ultimate grillz of your dreams. Each one is crafted by the finest artisans in the industry to deliver grillz that will last you a lifetime. Design your own grillz today and stand out with your one-of-a-kind smile.

Shop Custom Diamond or Gold Grillz

There’s nothing that speaks luxury or elegance better than gold or diamond grillz. Gold is surprisingly the most affordable way to fill a cavity, so you’re really just taking care of your dental health with our custom gold grillz. Contact us to receive in-depth advice about which grillz would be best for you, and we promise to reply within a few hours!

Who We Are

We are a custom grillz business based in LA with worldwide shipping. We pride ourselves on giving you the ability to shop for high-end personalized grillz from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are. Our expedited shipping process is fully insured, and we look forward to exceeding all your expectations. Learn more about new releases.


I would highly recommend working with Luxe Grillz when looking to purchase a custom set of gold grillz. I was skeptical about ordering grillz online, but their easy-to-use mold-kits provided me with the ideal buying experience. Thanks again!

Ricky Gonzalez

I was so excited when I received my gold fangz from Luxe Grillz. I didn't have any trouble using their mold kits and they mailed me my gold fangz about a week after I sent them back my mold.

Kelly Thompson

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make custom grillz?

The cost for your grillz can vary depending on what type of grillz it is, metal purity, weight, and design (among other factors). You can find out more about the cost of different types of grillz here

Are custom gold grillz made with real gold?

Any grillz being sold on Luxe Grillz are guaranteed to be made of solid gold. The lowest purity we currently sell is 10K, but it can easily go up to 18K gold depending on your requirements and budget. We do not use silver in any of our designs as it can be highly acidic for your teeth and lead to teeth damage. 

How long does grillz jewelry last?

With proper care and maintenance, our grillz can last you a lifetime, and even be passed down! As they’re made with solid gold, they do not tarnish or weaken over time. Learn how to clean your grillz properly to ensure they last forever. 

How do I choose the right grillz for me?

It can be challenging to choose the right grillz for you with so many options available, but having a budget in mind can be a good start. But if you’re still having trouble finding the right grillz for you, customization may be the best option. You can get in touch with us for an in-depth consultation that helps you find the right grillz. 

Are grillz permanent? 

Grillz can be worn and taken off anytime you want. They’re not permanent attachments to your teeth, and putting them on should be relatively easy since they’re molded for your teeth. You can check out our fitting guide to understand better how grillz are made to fit your teeth.

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