Plies Announces The Removal of His Gold Teeth

The End of The Plies Gold Teeth Era?

As many of you may have heard, Plies the rapper (44), announced the burial of his permanent gold grillz on Friday Januray 15, 2021.

Placing a container/jewelry box of his new teeth buried in the ground, Plies fed into the hilarity by digging a shallow grave for his iconic gold teeth set with a spoon. Some of his comments were:

“Made a lot of money with ‘em,” Plies said, in between laughter. “And ate some of the best nookie this world has ever seen.”

“But moving forward, it’s a different me".

He also captioned #StayTuned, implying that his halirous stunt/act is to be follwoed up with new music, a picture of his new pearly whites, or even perhaps a new style of Grillz, which remains to be seen.


Top 10 Trending Tweets

Plies, rapper from Fort-Meyers, has worn the set of permanent gold teeth since his original stardom in early 2005, and perhaps even earlier. At 44 years of age, the rapper made the announcement on Twitter, stating: "I Just Showed My Mom My New Smile. She Hugged Me Started Crying & Said 'I Finally Got My Baby Back". 


The tweet itself ranked among the top 10 trending topics on Twitter by end of day January 15, 2021.  

After making the announcement, his 1 million followers on Twitter began commenting their thoughts. Some with the approval of his new smile, and many others in utter shock that his iconic gold grillz have actually been removed. For many people all over the world, Plies made Gold Grillz famous, making a staple for Florida Grillz and a staple for the rise in Permanent Grillz. 


Instagram Photo of Plies Gold Teeth Removal

Plies also shared a picture of his new smile on Instagram to his more than 8.3 million followers. The post gained over 840,000 likes and counting.



His Iconic Gold Grillz & Claim To Fame

After not seeing Plies without his iconic gold grillz for nearly 20+ years, this announcement came in with utter disbelief form many of his followers and fans. Though some did approve and made comments such as “You look handsome either way”, we at Luxe Grillz, understood his impact on the Grillz industry and wanted to pay tribute to the waves he’s created in the industry. Plies has made sothern rapper grillz famous as well as Florida grillz. 

A Tribute & Background to Plies and His Gold Teeth

Plies’ real name, Algernod “Nod” Lanier Washington, graduated in 1994 from Fort Myers High School and played football for Miami University in Ohio in 1996 and 1997. He dropped out of college shortly after 2 years to found his own record company with his stepbrother. His first album dropped in early 2007, with hits like “Hypnotized” and “Shawty”.

He recently performed as the headliner at Maximum Fest 2019 in Centennial Park, in his hometown of Fort Meyers, Florida.

Plies Grillz & The Truth About Permanent Grillz

The history behind the infamous removal of Plies Grillz can not go without saying the word ‘Permanent Grillz”. Custom Grillz generally are removable, however, Permanent grillz are grillz in which your teeth must be altered with gold crowns to permanently resemble grillz.

While custom grillz are known to many as a great accessory for those who like the style, permanent grillz is something that is permanent and sealed. This is not the most popular approach as permanent grillz may cause damage from a poorly fitting grillz. These grillz can also scrape across teeth, damaging the enamel.

Custom Grillz Are a Much Better Accessory

Custom grillz can be removed easily and you may buy grillz in many different styles with the ability to interchangeably change the style of your grill without a permanent commitment.

Buy Plies Grillz

Here’s a look at Plies grillz options in the custom grillz (removable option), not permanent:

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Plies Bottom 8 Grillz

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plies bottom 4 grillz

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