How To Buy Grillz

Buy Grillz Online & Locally

If you are wondering "what is the process for ordering custom grillz," you are not alone. We constantly get asked about out manufacturing process, turnaround time, and our financing options; so we decided to create an all-inclusive guide to let you know about our process. 

Steps to Buy Grillz Online

1. Buying grillz online is as easy as selecting the grillz you would like to purchase and entering your shipping address. All of our grillz at Luxe Grillz come with 100% certified authenticity and a Free Mold-Kit. Upon receiving the mold-kit (either locally or in-the-mail) you will take an impression and return the mold-kit back to our address at Luxe Grillz, 640 S Hill St, Suite 557, Los Angeles CA 90014. 

Shop our most popular custom grillz here or design your own grillz here. Watch our video below to find out to take the perfect mold for your grillz purchase.

2. After we receive your molds (whether it be through the mail or if we take your impression in-person) it will take us 7 day to manufacture solid gold grillz. It will take up to 4-14 days longer for diamond grillz. This is the time its takes to set diamonds or any other stones, opals, enamel or any other add-ons, depending on how many stones need to be set. If we are making diamond grillz, we will have you try the grillz on before we set the stones. So this means we will mail you a solid gold version of the grillz or we will have you come by our office to try the grillz on before we set all of the diamonds. 

3. After the grillz are finished, we will do a product photoshoot of your grillz then they will be ready for you to pick them up from our office or we will ship them to you in the mail (we will send you an invoice for the cost of shipping the finished grillz with insurance to you).

Steps to Buy Grillz Locally

1. You have the option of ordering directly through our website and selecting "local molding & pick up" or you can contact us and set up an appointment to come by to pay for your grillz and have your molds taken in-person at our downtown LA office located at Luxe Grillz, 640 S Hill St, Suite 557, Los Angeles CA 90014. 

2. We will take your mold in-person and we will have your solid gold grillz finished in about 7 days. If you ordered grillz with diamonds, we will have you try the gold grillz on before we set all of the diamonds. 


Financing Options:

Luxe Grillz has a couple financing options for those who wish to pay their grillz off "over time." 

1. We can break the payment up by taking a 50% deposit up front when we take the mold (or before we mail you your mold kit) then you can pay the balance before we set the diamonds on your grillz or when your gold grillz are ready for pick up. This is our most popular financing option and we charge a 5% fee on the outstanding balance for this financing option. 

2. Through out website directly, or using through the custom invoice if we send you one, you can pay using "Shop Pay" at checkout for all orders under $1,500. Shop Pay is a 3rd party app that runs a soft credit check and divides the total purchase price into 4 separate payments every 2 weeks. With this option, you will receive your finished grillz before you complete making payments. 

Read more about all of our grillz financing options.