Lebron James Grillz: LBJ's Teeth Accessories

Lebron James Teeth Accessories & Fashion Statements

There's no question when it comes to leaders in Fashion that Lebron James' name comes to mind. Above all, he is the greatest of all time in the craft he already mastered. 

A player of Lebron James caliber and the impact that he has made beyond just the NBA League itself, goes to show you the man he is. People attract to his aurora and love keeping up with his current events. Whether it's opening a school, rocking a new set of Beats, wearing a garment from a new clothing/apparel company, or recently, rocking a new set of Grillz (just about every time he walks through the NBA tunnel).


You have to think a man of his caliber is wearing these custom grillz not only for a fashion statement, but perhaps a fashion trend for future like-minded fashion innovators to catch on to. 

We have already seen the likes of A$AP Rocky famously wearing Grillz, even NFL superstar Alvin Kamara wearing Grillz, even KIM K Grillz. But now, Lebron James has unveiled his new favorite fashion accessory, Grillz. 

Lebron James' Collection of Grillz

Lebron James Diamond Grillz

This set of grillz seems to have been purchased in celebration of Lebron James' 37th birthday.
lebron james diamond grillz

Top Piece:
Baguette Gap Grillz for 6 teeth
Bottom piece: Custom diamond Bridge Grillz with custom cut marquise style Diamonds for 8 teeth. 

Watch the video to see the grillz sparkle!


First and most famously seen, Lebron James received a pair of 'THE KING" grillz and was seen walking in the tunnel with these grillz above.

This style of grillz is a Single Tooth Open Face Diamond Halo Grillz with a custom King James Lion King Charm welded to the Open face.  


Lebron James JustDoItGrillz

This set of grillz is an obvious affirmation of his partnership with his sneaker company. This goes to show the symbolic number of achievements he's already accomplished and still remains to spread the story and inspire others to keep going, no matter how far you have come. 

This style of grillz is custom check mark in Yellow Gold. 


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