18K Gold Grillz

Want your smile to shine for all the world to see? Make 18K gold teeth from Luxe Grillz your newest accessory. These grillz are a matchless way to command attention like a king or queen. Unleash your inner highness with our genuine gold teeth grillz! Shop now!

man with bottom 6 white gold bridge grillz
rose gold top 8 open face grillz

Go Bold With 18K Gold Teeth

Give your smile lux and charisma with our 18K gold mouth accessories. These corrosion-resistant grillz, made of gold and zinc, copper, or silver, are among the highest quality gold teeth available today. Try our open face rose gold Top 8 Grillz for a little bling, and choose a Top 6 opal grillz featuring rubies for a whole lot of sparkle. Add lab-grown or natural diamonds to your custom piece for even more shine. Lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from genuine diamonds today, so they’re perfect for the budget-conscious grillz lover. Order your 18K gold teeth today!

A Gift For You: Handmade Grillz

Your wish is our command at Luxe Grillz. Let us know what you want your custom grillz to look like, and we’ll work our magic to create the perfect set of 18K gold teeth for you. Expect nothing less than premium grillz that will enthrall your admirers and exceed your expectations. We care about your dental health, so we use only real gold and avoid silver, an acidic metal that can ruin teeth. Enjoy a healthy, stunning smile with Luxe Grillz!

man with top 6 white gold grillz
top 6 yellow gold opal grillz with rubies

Industry-Leading Luxe Grillz

At Luxe Grillz, we believe that grillz are for everyone, and we put our money where our mouth (really, your mouth) is. We offer affordable prices, rapid responses to contact requests (within one hour), an easy-to-navigate website, and a quick turnover (7-10 days) to ensure you get the grillz you’ve always wanted. Once you reach out to us and finalize your grillz details, the only thing you’ll need to do is create a mold of your teeth with a kit we provide. We’ll handle the rest! Shop now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 18K gold teeth made with yellow gold a good choice?

Absolutely! Yellow gold is the classic bright color people think about when they hear the word “gold.” This versatile color works with virtually any ensemble, making it an ideal grillz material option. The metals that make up yellow gold (75% gold, 10% silver, 15% copper) also resist corrosion, so they’ll stay intact for years and keep your pearly whites and gums healthy.

Why choose open-face 18K gold grillz?

These are grillz where the gold outlines each tooth. Choose an open face grillz to showcase your naturally beautiful pearly whites while adding a touch of gold to top off your smile. Enjoy the best of both worlds with these classy, timeless grillz.