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Grillz Throwback! Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” Grillz

Another one of our favorite music video grillz looks has to be Miley Cyrus’s industry-stopping moment with “We Can’t Stop.” This video and the album from which it’s featured, Bangerz, represented a tremendous shift for the artist. The main mouth accessory she flashed in “We Can’t Stop” was her bottom diamond bridge, which Luxe could happily recreate for only $1,260.

Feature List:

  • Metal Purity: 10k Yellow Gold
  • Diamond Clarity: VS+
  • Grillz Style: Bridge Grillz
  • Placement: Bottom

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It was around this time that Miley decided to shake up her entire concept as an artist, from her musical sound to her look by chopping off her infamous long wavy brown locks and dying her new pixie cut platinum blonde – still Miley’s signature color. With Miley’s new performer identity, she featured different fashions that included an upgrade to her accessories and featured a handful of new grillz. 

How Much Are Miley’s Diamond Bridge Grillz?

Anyone who’s browsed our site hopefully has learned how the quality of materials, like diamond or gold, can change the price of any grillz. With this in mind, we believe that recreating these grillz with VVS quality diamonds set in 10k gold would cost around $1280, at least that’s the deal you could get with us! From Miley’s trio of grillz, we think this bridge falls in the middle on the “statement spectrum.” With the flash of diamonds and unique shape, this bridge grill definitely packs a statement. But with the amount of teeth visibility and more minimalist structure, this grill can go both ways: elevating a more chill outfit, or comfortably accompanying a bolder statement look without overwhelming the aesthetic. Miley herself described this set as her “chic pair.” For its bling and versatility, the diamond bridge is easily amongst our favorite sets to offer. 

When Did Miley Wear Grillz? 

Like we mentioned before, Miley definitely shocked the world when she showed off her hair and subsequent artistic makeover. After shedding her long brown locs and seemingly leaving behind the innocence of her Disney Channel days, Miley made sure the world knew that she was anything but afraid of being bold or making a statement. Leaning into her new “punk-pop” aesthetic meant shorter hair, more leather, and more statement jewelry. We’re so glad that Miley also joined the grillz family and continued to champion the craft of mouth jewelry. Even Miley’s semi-recent transition into full blown rocker works seamlessly with her grillz collection, and we hope we get to see more from our girl Miley. 

Miley’s Bottom 6 Gold Grillz

Miley said in an interview that she’d describe her bottom six solid grillz as “her chill grill,” and we love her even more for that. “I wear these when I wanna be chill and not do too much.” Miley is pretty discrete about her purchases and didn’t provide any numbers in terms of how much her grillz cost, but we estimate recreating her bottom 6 in 10k yellow gold would cost around $785. An excellent deal on a solid gold 100% authenticated set, but if it’s not working for your budget, Luxe has some options to help stretch your dollar and make your dream grillz totally accessible no matter your budget. 


Feature List:

  • Metal Purity: 10k Gold
  • Gold Color: Yellow
  • Placement: Bottom

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Diamond and Emerald Drip With White Gold

Feature List:

  • Gold Purity: 10k Gold
  • Gold Color: White Gold
  • Grillz Type: Diamond Grillz and Drip Grillz
  • Placement: Bottom

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