Women's Grillz

You’re an original queen, a golden lady, a royal diadem. Put your regal status on display, ladies, with our custom women’s gold grillz at Luxe Grillz. Our grillz will make ‘em swoon and keep you feeling elegant day and night, wherever life takes you. Step up your glamor game with these gold grillz today!

open face sapphire and enamel grillz
single tooth open face diamond grillz with cross

Women’s Grillz For Every Style

No two ladies are alike. That’s why we offer a wide range of female gold grillz to suit every personality, ranging from single tooth to Bottom 2 and Bottom 6 Grillz

Display your faith with an angel or cross charm diamond grillz; add your first initial to a cut out gold tooth; or create a vibrant look with grillz adorned with sapphires, aquamarines, and diamonds (natural or lab grown depending on your preference). We’ve got chic open face, colorful enamel, bold fang, sophisticated bridge, and adorable braces grillz, too! Show the world you’re a shining star with these lovely accessories!

Gorgeous Grillz For the Girls

Our beautiful women’s grillz at Luxe Grillz will keep you smiling for years to come. We never use silver (an acidic metal that is bad for your pearly whites), and we create as precise of molds as possible to ensure a comfortable fit for your teeth and gums. Luxe Grillz also offers guides and resources for maintaining your oral health while enjoying your grillz. We can’t wait to discuss your grillz via FaceTime and start designing a stunning piece for you!

single tooth open face diamond fang grillz
bottom 6 diamond grillz rose gold

Experience the Luxe Grillz Touch

Luxe Grillz is your leading source of top-tier grillz for men and women. We stand out for our top-tier customer service and premium grillz materials (we use only solid gold — at least 10K). All of the mold kits and grillz we send out are insured — something you generally don’t find in the grillz industry. This means if your impression or final grillz gets lost in the mail, we’ll cover it at 100%.

Got questions about our grillz? We’ll gladly answer those questions over FaceTime before beginning your grillz. Our team will work collaboratively with you during each phase of the project to assure your satisfaction, too. Let’s talk grillz today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are sapphires popular additions to gold women’s grillz?

Sapphires come in elegant colors (e.g., light pink) that offer a feminine look and allow ladies to showcase their individuality when added to female gold grillz. These gems symbolize heavenly favor and splendor.

Why choose a single-tooth grillz?

These grillz are generally less expensive than a full set of gold teeth. They’re also less prone to causing oral health issues like the accumulation of plaque (the sticky substance that forms on your teeth after you eat) since they don’t cover as much of the tooth surface.