How To Take The Perfect First Impression Molds

In this guide, our Grillz expert, CEO & Founder of Luxe Grillz teaches you how to take the perfect first impression of your grillz mold kit. As recommended, we need at least 3 mold impressions completed and sent to us in order to ensure proper fitting and accuracy for your teeth alignment. 

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Watch the video below to learn how to make an impression mold for your order of Grillz:


First Impression Molding Instructions

Please read all of the instructions thoroughly before you begin taking your mold

Instagram: Post a selfie on your instagram story of yourself taking your mold and tag @luxegrillz for a chance to win a free diamond grill

** Important: You must be able to see the entire gum line (line between teeth and your gums) in order to have a usable impression for making grillz. **

  • Step 1: Start by grabbing 1 White Putty and 1 Colored Putty and mix them together thoroughly. 

Mix the putties rapidly for about 15-20 seconds until the putty is almost one solid color.

  • Step 2: Place the recently blended putty mixture onto your mold tray so it fills out the entirety of the tray. Make sure that the putty is evenly dispersed across the entirety of the mold tray.

You want to make sure that the mixed putty is placed all throughout the mouth tray, so you do not miss any teeth while taking your impression.

  • Step 3: Open your mouth as wide as possible (gently pulling your lip away from your teeth) and slowly put the mouth tray into your mouth, trying not to let any of your teeth touch the putty. You want to make sure your teeth lineup in the middle of the putty/mouth try to assure you the best mold possible. You do not want to have your teeth too close to the walls of the mouth tray. 

It is very important that you push the mold tray straight up when taking a top mold, or straight down when taking a bottom mold. Try not to push the mold onto your teeth sideways.

Top Mold Instructions

For top molds, slowly bite straight down into the molding tray. For bottom molds, slowly push the mold tray straight down onto your teeth. You want to have your teeth sitting directly in the middle of the putty. Make sure your gums are covered by the molding puddy. 

Let your teeth sit into the molding tray for 4 minutes. DO NOT talk or move your teeth while you take your mold.

Make sure that the molding putty entirely covers your teeth and gum line. We recommend holding your lip so it does not get in the way of the mold tray and infringe on the molding process.

  • Step 4: After letting the mouth tray sit on your teeth for 4 minutes, gently remove the tray from your teeth. You can do this by slowly pulling straight up (if you are taking a bottom mold) or straight down (if you are taking a top mold) on the tray. You can softly wiggle it from side to side if the tray is stuck on your teeth. 

STOP: Do Not Remove the Mold From the Plastic Mouth Tray. 

  Please put all 3 finished molds into the return envelope and mail them back.

Thank you for your purchase!

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