Yellow Gold Grillz

Luxe Grillz hand-crafts custom yellow gold teeth grillz in 10K, 14K, and 18K – including diamond options — all specifically made to fit your smile. These are for the person who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, steal the limelight, and exude confidence. From yellow gold featuring blue sapphires and red rubies to yellow gold diamond grillz, with our grillz you will instantly radiate style and become an icon in your own right. Stay on trend and order today!

yellow gold grillz with blue sapphires
bottom 8 drip grillz in yellow gold

Add Sunshine to Your Smile

Yellow gold is more pure than any other gold color, and it especially works well on warmer skin tones. This makes it one of the most popular gold options used in grillz. All of our yellow gold teeth grillz are authentic, featuring at least 10K gold. That means whether you want a single tooth grillz, a top 10 grillz, a top 6 grillz with engravings, or even a bottom 8 drip grillz, our yellow gold pieces will brighten up your smile for years to come.

Let’s Design Your Dream Grillz

We are a grillz manufacturer you can trust to design your custom-fitting grillz. We’re a dental lab that makes jewelry, not simply a jewelry company that wants to make dental products. We have all of the same equipment a fully functional dental lab would have, as well as several dentists available for consultation. That means you can expect your yellow gold grillz to look great but also be great for your pearly whites. Request a quote for your custom teeth today!

yellow gold top diamond fang grillz
2 teeth yellow gold grillz with open face fang

Experience the Luxe Difference

At Luxe Grillz, we’re passionate about making it as easy as possible to get your grillz. Not only are our prices relatively affordable but our website is user friendly. Ready to talk to us about your dream custom grillz? We can schedule a virtual consultation to go over it. You can even show us a picture of the type of grillz you’d like to create. Then, we’ll deliver your personalized grillz to you in 7-10 days. Get ready to smile more with help from Luxe Grillz!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a yellow gold teeth grillz cost?

The cost of this type of grillz can be as low as $245 for a single tooth accessory to more than $8,000 for a stunning diamond grillz set with amethyst tips for your top and bottom eight teeth. If you love diamonds, you can take advantage of several diamond grillz options under $2,500.

What is the purpose of diamond dust on a yellow gold grillz?

Diamond dust finishes on grillz allow grillz wearers to grab other people’s attention in a less flashy way. The diamond dust will give you some shine and sparkle without blinding the people you smile at. This finish is an especially popular style choice for grillz newcomers.