Justin Bieber Grillz

Justin Bieber, one of the most famous celebrities in the world for over 10 years, has periodically worn grillz at red carpet events and many other social events. Bieber’s most popular grillz pieces are the set he wore during his wedding with Hailey Baldwin which reportedly cost $25,000, a set of diamond grillz made using natural lavender diamonds from Israel, and a brand new set of diamond grillz that he is having made. Why is Justin Bieber buying so many diamond grillz sets? Maybe he misplaced his older pairs of diamond grillz, or maybe he just wants to have a couple different options to match whatever he is wearing that day. When you’re Justin Bieber, spending money on diamond grillz sets does not impact your financial situation by any means.

Does Justin Bieber Have Grillz?

Yes! Justin Bieber has grillz and has been a supporter of the diamond grillz movement for some time now. Justin Bieber prominently wears white gold grillz flooded with diamonds, but there are some older photos of Bieber rocking rose gold grillz with pink diamonds and some other grillz sets featuring rare lavender stones.

As we have seen changes made to Justin Bieber’s music flow, tone, and topics of discussion; we have also seen Bieber change up his grillz styles. 


How Much Are Justin Bieber’s Grillz

Since Justin Bieber has bought a couple different grillz pieces throughout his career, the price of each diamond grillz piece varies dramatically. Reports are that Justin Bieber has paid $25,000 for some of his diamond grillz pieces, some say he paid $50,000 for a particular bottom grillz piece with invisible set diamonds. If you were to take an educated guess on how much Bieber has spent on his diamond grillz $100K - $200K is a good range. 

Diamonds are becoming more and more expensive daily, and the pink and lavender diamonds used in some of Justin Bieber’s grillz are extremely rare and hard to find.

Justin Bieber Teeth Before & After

The good news for Justin Bieber, is that all of his grillz are removable or “pop-out” style, so his teeth will not be damaged the same way that someone wearing permanent grillz will be. In fact, Justin Bieber and other “pop-out” grillz wearers should not have any negative effects wearing the removable grillz, so long as the grillz are made out of gold. The only time you will face damage to your teeth is if the grillz are made in silver, if you have the grillz permanently set to your teeth or if they are made by an inexperienced manufacturer. 

justin bieber diamond grillz

Assuming that Justin Bieber’s grillz are made in solid gold and comfortably fit his teeth, he should not have any alterations made to his teeth from wearing the grillz. If you were to order permanent grillz, your teeth need to be ground down to a nub, and custom grillz are made to be glued on top of your nubby teeth. Keep in mind you can not brush your teeth if something is permanently glued on top of them, so your teeth will naturally rot over time unless you visit your dentist regularly.

Justin Bieber Diamond Grillz

Justin Bieber’s diamond grillz have taken the world by storm for a number of reasons. When Bieber was younger, he had always had a connection to the hip hop community: hanging with people like Soulja Boy, sagging his pants, and freestyling over rap beats. It was only a matter of time before Bieber got his first set of grillz.

Since Justin Bieber designed and purchased his first set of diamond grillz, he has upgraded his collection by introducing new diamond grillz pieces with colored diamonds. His most unique diamond grillz pieces include both a rose gold 6 on 6 diamond grillz set with pink diamonds and his other most renowned set of diamond grillz are the ones he wore for his wedding with Hailey Baldwin. 

Justin Bieber Wedding Grillz

For Justin Bieber’s wedding with Hailey Baldwin, he wore a famous bottom diamond grillz piece. This particular bottom diamond grillz piece features very rare natural lavender diamonds from Israel. Justin Bieber’s wedding grillz are probably the most famous set of diamond grillz ever made because they were worn on his wedding date with Hailey Baldwin. Rumor has it that these bottom grillz pieces cost around $25,000 for just the bottom 6 teeth! 

Where to Buy Justin Bieber Grillz?

If you want to purchase a custom diamond grillz similar to Justin Bieber, Luxe Grillz is ready to exceed all of your expectations. Since we have over 25 years of grillz and diamond sourcing experience, we are able to offer the highest quality grillz on the market at a much more affordable price than you see these celebrities paying. 

For example, if you were interested in ordering the exact same grillz that Justin Bieber wore in his wedding, with the natural lavender diamonds, we could have those ready for you in roughly 2 weeks and the total price would be around $17,225 as opposed to the $25,000 that Bieber reportedly paid. 

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