10K Gold vs 24K Gold

Discover the differences between 24 karat yellow gold and 10 karat yellow gold. Watch till the end to see how Yellow Gold compares to White Gold

Which Type Of Gold Is Best For You?

For everyone, there is no "best" sort of gold. It's crucial to consider aspects like your oral health, skin sensitivity, work, activity level, and stylistic preference before choosing gold for a grillz or other jewelry.

It's also crucial to keep your budget in mind when shopping. While a 18K gold grillz may appear to be stunning, it will always cost substantially more than a comparable 14K gold grillz or 10K gold grillz.

The most common mix of beautiful color, high durability, and fair pricing is 14-karat gold. This form of gold is by far the most popular for grillz in the United States, accounting for about 90% of all gold jewelry sales.

18 carat gold is a wonderful choice if you want something more opulent and don't mind sacrificing some durability for a richer gold hue. Just keep in mind that this form of gold is fairly delicate, and it might easily scratch as you or your companion work or exercise.