Kirk Cousins Grillz

Will Kirk Cousins really wear grillz?!

Kirk cousins and his custom grillz have become a very trending topic of discussion. This season the Vikings have seen some of their most recent success, with many fourth-quarter comebacks and Kirk Cousins’ career season has led to many celebrations wearing flashy diamond necklaces and partying with his teammates on team planes.

One of his most famous teammates, Justin Jefferson, wears custom diamond grillz for almost every single game he plays in. Following one of his more recent wins, Kirk Cousin hinted that he might be in the market for a set of custom grillz

Although the idea of Kirk cousins dancing with diamond necklaces, and possibly wearing a custom set of Diamond Grillz seems like a laughing matter, his agent has reported that a set of custom grillz may be on the horizon. 

Kirk Cousins mentioned that his dentist reached out to him and offered to make him a custom set of grillz as well as about six or seven other custom grillz manufacturers who are more than happy to offer to make her cousins a custom set of grillz for free. 

When will Kirk Cousins wear his grillz? 

As an NFL fan with playoffs coming up, it only seems right for Kirk Cousins to unveil his new set of custom grills at their upcoming home playoff game. 

The Minnesota Vikings will be hosting their first home playoff game since January 2018, which is better known as the “Minneapolis Miracle” where they won in exciting fashion thanks to a Stefon Diggs’ touchdown catch. 

The best way to follow up the Minneapolis Miracle will definitely be for the Minnesota Vikings to win at home, and Kirk Cousins show off his new set of Diamond Grillz as they advance to the second round of the playoffs . 

Kirk Cousins Grillz Options:

Top 8 Diamond Grillz White Gold

Top 8 Diamond Grillz

Bottom 8 Diamond Grillz White Gold

Bottom 8 Diamond Grillz

Where should Kirk Cousin buy his grillz? 

If Kirk Cousins is interested in shopping for high quality, gold or diamond grillz with a reliable, trusted, grillz specialist, he or his agent should reach out to Luxe Grillz

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How you can order Kirk Cousins’ Grillz online?

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Justin Jefferson Grillz


Who influenced Kirk Cousins to consider custom grillz? 

Kirk Cousins' most famous teammate, Justin Jefferson, is definitely spearheading the operation to convince Kirk Cousins to buy a set of Custom Grillz. Justin Jefferson is known for his exceptional wide receiver abilities, awesome touchdown celebrations, and flawless diamond grills that he shows off every single weekend. 

Justin Jefferson Grillz

It is not a stretch of the imagination to assume that Justin Jefferson has been nagging Kirk cousins to purchase a similar side of Custom Grillz to further strengthen their quarterback-wide receiver bond.