Mike Tyson Grillz

Mike Tyson Gold Teeth

“The Baddest Man on the Planet” is known as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, and has been equally recognized for his eccentric lifestyle and purchases, such as buying hundreds of pigeons and infamously owning his own tiger. Included with these big purchases in the 90’s was a pair of upper gold teeth. 

Feature List:  

  • Metal Purity: 18K Gold Grillz
  • Gold Color: Yellow Gold Grillz
  • Grillz Style: Two Teeth Grillz
  • Placement: Top Grillz



Shop Top Two Front Teeth Grillz

We can only speculate at how much these gold teeth cost, but our estimate to have these grillz recreated in 18k yellow gold would be around $675. These iconic grillz that “Iron Mike” rocked could be yours as well – take a minute to browse our gold teeth.

Mike Tyson New Show Hits Hulu

In Hulu’s new unauthorized series, “Mike,” the story of the boxer’s life is told covering his career and scandals, much to the boxer’s dismay. “Iron Mike” hasn’t been too happy about the new show with recent statements criticizing his portrayal and the validity of certain events. Mr. Tyson has even announced his support of a different series, still in-production, which covers his life from his own perspective, co-produced and starring Jamie Foxx as the famed boxer. 

Hulu’s "Mike" premieres with two episodes, August 2022. 

Feature List:
  • Metal Purity: 14K Gold Grillz
  • Gold Color: Rose Gold
  • Placement: Bottom Grillz

How Much Are Mike Tyson’s Grillz?

With the factors of today's market, our cost is estimated to be $700.  However, when Mike was rocking these in the 90s, the price could have been much less as the price of gold was only $385/oz - quite low compared to today's cost of roughly $1750/oz. Of course, knowing how the boxer likes to be flashy with his cash means the gold set could easily have cost much more. The cost could also shift depending on the purity of the gold that was used to make the grillz, and we offer a range of gold not only in different colors, but in purities to give our customer’s more options.  

Why Is Mike Tyson Wearing Grillz?

As “Iron Mike” is a cultural icon and resetter himself, no one should be surprised at the boxer rocking a pair of gold teeth, especially as an epitome of 90’s style. Mike at one point had the grillz also used to close his notable gap that gave him his unique famous speaking voice, but eventually embraced his gap again by having dental procedures in order to show his original gap, keeping the gold of course. Unfortunately Mr. Tyson is no longer rocking his gold teeth, as they were apparently head-butted out of his mouth when trying to give his large cat a kiss. While we have 100% authenticity guaranteed, we cannot guarantee protection against large cats.  

Mike Tyson Gold Grillz

Bold and upfront, “Iron Mike” opted for a minimal yet striking design of his top two gold pair that would ultimately become a style statement echoed by many artists, even up to the present day. With Luxe Grillz you can recreate this look yourself, like with the top 2 front teeth in yellow gold.


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