Beyonce Grillz

Beyoncé Spotted Rocking Grillz In Adidas Collab

Beyonce is no stranger to the grillz game and has been rocking her drip-gold bottom set for a decade now along with other iconic grillz. The most recent and most iconic of her grillz ventures is obviously her IVY PARK x Adidas collaboration, where the artist is featured with gold-lettered grillz spelling out her brand, "IVY PARK," as well as a crafted Adidas logo in gold. Beyonce’s athleisure/streetwear clothing line collaborated with Adidas to create totally unique gold designs, further pushing the designs of grillz. We imagine Beyonce's collab grillz likely didn't surpass $2,800 to create, but it's always up to the manufacturer and with a client like Beyonce, they likely could have cost much more. 

How Much Are Beyonce's IVY PARK Grillz?

The cost of these grillz are dependent on how much gold was used and seeing that just the letters "IVY PARK" were used it should not be that heavy. Since these are just basic lettering gold grillz, we do not suspect the cost of these grillz to be over $2,800. However, it is always based on the grillz manufacturer and seeing that they were indeed for Beyonce, she could have been charged any number. For example, a customer of ours got 3D lettering grill of his name. This set of grillz cost $1195, and customers of Luxe Grillz can have their name personalized in grillz using rose, white or yellow gold!

Why Is Beyonce Wearing Grillz? 

Beyonce has been evolving the grillz game for a minute now and has played a definitive part in their growing popularity over the last few years. The global icon has displayed some stunning classic grillz looks in addition to her fashion-forward looks, demonstrating the full artistic range of grillz as high-quality pieces of fashion jewelry. 

Beyonce’s Gold Grillz

Yoncé has rocked full gold sets, intricate drip-gold grillz, and in her IVY PARK x Adidas collab featured “IVY PARK” in gold lettering. While Beyonce knows how to rock different intricate designs, she’s clearly displayed an affinity for gold sets. Check out some of our similar drip-gold grillz!

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Bottom 8 Drip Grillz

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Top Two Grillz w/ Heart Cut Out

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  • Metal Purity: 10K Gold Grillz
  • Gold Color: Yellow Gold Grillz
  • Grillz Style: Two Teeth Grillz
  • Placement: Top Grillz

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Beyonce’s Background

Arguably one of the greatest performers alive, Beyonce has been in the spotlight since she was a child in the girl group “Girl’s Time” and found her first industry breakthrough successes with the iconic trio, “Destiny’s Child.”

After going solo from “Destiny,” Mrs. Knowles-Carter made herself into one of the biggest names in the music industry, winning numerous awards for her record-breaking albums, having smash successes in the film and fashion industry, and constantly raising the bar for artists everywhere. 


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