14K Gold Grillz

Eager to take your smile and status up a notch? Don’t leave home without 14K gold grillz from Luxe Grillz! Our talented team can quickly, efficiently, and affordably create a masterpiece for you — an original work of art you’ll be proud to display to the world. Let us give you 14 reasons to smile with our custom 14K gold teeth today!

woman with bottom 8 white gold diamond grillz
yellow gold bottom fang grillz

Go Bold With Gold at Luxe Grillz

14K gold grillz is a top choice for any discerning person who wants to stay on the frontlines of fashion. When it comes to purity and affordability, this type of gold provides the best of both worlds and will last for years. Choose a yellow gold Top 8 diamond grillz for a hard-to-miss smile, or go with a white gold Bottom Fang Grillz for the ultimate touch of class. We use only solid gold and either natural or lab-created diamonds depending on your preference and budget. Get your bling on, literally, at Luxe Grillz today!

A Grillz Custom Fit For YOU

You’ve wanted a personalized grillz for a while now, and your moment has come! All that’s standing between you and your grillz is a FaceTime consultation. Use the consult to share with us your grillz vision (feel free to send us images of what you’re dreaming up). We’ll then create a 3D grillz rendering so you can see what your grillz will look like. The next steps include fabricating your grillz and sending it to you within 7-10 days. You can’t ask for an easier way to upgrade your smile.

man with single tooth yellow gold diamond grillz
top 8 rose gold diamond grillz

Partner With Luxe Grillz

At Luxe Grillz, we realize that the grillz industry is predominantly associated with hip-hop culture. We want to change that. We believe that people of all ages and walks of life deserve to experience the beauty and power of grillz. That’s why we’ve made getting 14K grillz effortless with our relatively affordable prices and user-friendly website. Order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose white gold 14K grillz?

White gold features gold and palladium, platinum, or silver. Grillz made using this type of gold will immediately elevate your smile since they’re shiny and easily match any ensemble. These grillz are great at reflecting light, so they’re the best choice for whitening and brightening your smile’s appearance. A white gold grillz also won’t tarnish, making it a smart investment. 

What’s the benefit of wearing bottom grillz?

Bottom 14K gold teeth are the best choice if you’re going for a subtle grillz look. Most people mainly show their top teeth when speaking or slightly smiling. With bottom grillz, your grillz may not always be visible when doing these things, but this also serves as a great way to surprise others who may not realize you have grillz throughout everyday activities.