How to Make Grillz Fit Your Teeth

How Should Grillz Fit My Teeth

If you are interested in a custom set of gold teeth and are wondering “How do I make grillz fit my teeth,” we have the answers for you! Getting grillz to properly fit your teeth requires you to start by taking a good mold of your teeth. If you are looking to shop online, Luxe Grillz can send you a custom mold kit along with our step-by-step molding tutorial video

If you are located in Los Angeles and looking for “grillz near me” you can stop by Luxe Grillz’s Los Angeles office and have one of our professionals take your mold for you. 

In order to make sure grillz fit your teeth properly, you want to make sure you get a proper mold of your teeth done, and it is essential for you to work with a trusted grillz manufacturer. Grillz should fit snugly on your teeth but should not cause you any pain. It may take some time to get comfortable wearing your custom grillz, but they should not cause a crazy amount of pain, and they should definitely not be easily falling off your teeth.

If anything, after wearing and taking off the grillz a number of times, they will possibly loosen up a tiny bit because gold is a soft metal, but you can easily squeeze the piece a tiny bit to make the grillz fit your teeth a little more snugly if needed. 

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How to Adjust the Fitment of your Grillz

If for some reason your grillz are not fitting your teeth the way you’d like them to, we recommend getting in contact with the manufacturer who made you your grillz and let them know what you are experiencing. Sometimes, if the molding of your teeth does not come out as accurately as needed, the grillz will not fit how you want them to. This is generally the case for single tooth grillz.

The best way to mitigate any fitment issues with your grillz is to make sure you work with an experienced and trustworthy grillz manufacturer who will take a very accurate mold of your teeth and who has experience in the dental world as opposed to just being a jewelry manufacturer who wants to start to make jewelry for teeth. 

How to Make Grillz Fit Tighter

If your grillz are fitting a little bit loose, you can use your fingers or jewelry pliers to slightly squeeze the grillz to make them fit a little bit snugger. We recommend doing this slowly and incrementally so that you do not bend the gold too much making them too snug to fight on your teeth. 

Adjust the fitment of your grillz


If the grillz are a little bit too tight and “pop-up” when you push them down on top of your teeth, then you need to loosen them up a bit. This will definitely require jewelry pliers and we would recommend reaching out to your grillz manufacturer to have a new mold of your teeth done and see if your manufacturer can make small adjustments to make your grillz fit your mold a bit better. Sometimes the mold doesn't come out perfectly and teeth are very sensitive, so if a part of the grillz is just a millimeter off then it can totally throw off the way the grillz are supposed to fit. 

What to do if your Diamond Grillz do not Fit?

If your diamond grillz do not fit your teeth properly, then your manufacturer may be in a bit of trouble. When making diamond grillz, there typically is no room for adjustments to be made because if you bend the gold, then it will alter the setting of some of the diamonds, causing them to loosen up and pop out of the grillz. You can easily lose diamonds from your grillz if the stones are loose and improperly set. 

how do diamond grillz fit

Since it is almost impossible to make fitment adjustments after you have set the stones on your diamond grillz, the experts at Luxe Grillz always have our clients try on the gold version of the grillz before we start setting the stones. This helps assure that the finished grillz will fit perfectly after the diamonds have been set.

If your diamond grillz do not fit properly, odds are that your grillz manufacturer will have to remake the entire piece. Making adjustments is not ideal on diamond teeth because the prongs will loosen up and diamonds will be more likely to fall out and get lost overtime. 

How do Grillz Fit if I am Missing Teeth?

If you are missing teeth (or broken teeth) and are considering going with a custom grillz piece to cover up the vacant teeth gaps, you are not alone. A good amount of our clients at Luxe Grillz choose to work with us as opposed to paying thousands of dollars out of pocket to have veneers put in at the dentist's office.


Most interested customers wonder “how do grillz fit if I am missing teeth?” The answer to that question is that we make the grillz in a specific way where it covers up the vacant teeth gaps (making it look like you are not missing teeth) and we use surrounding teeth as support to keep the grillz piece securely fastened to your teeth. If you are missing 1 tooth, we require you to make a 3-tooth grill where the missing tooth is in the middle and we use a tooth on each side as support.