Frequently Asked Questions

What types of gap grillz for sale online are currently available?

Gap grillz come in a wide variety of options, including diamond with white gold, opal, and even bi-color yellow and purple sapphire grillz. They’re perfect for giving your smile an elegant and simple upgrade.

What celebrities wear some of today’s most popular grillz?

Celebrities who wear grillz like those found at Luxe Grillz range from Beyonce to Drake, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and even Lebron James. Top rappers who love their grillz include Post Malone, Nelly, Trippie Redd, and Kid Cudi.

Can you eat while wearing your grillz?

It’s best to avoid eating with your custom grillz on, as food and drink will make them dirty and leave behind a greasy, hard-to-remove residue. In addition, rough foods may scratch gold teeth. Eating while wearing grillz will also make it easy for bacteria to slip in between your teeth and your grillz, where they can cause cavities. By removing your grillz each time you eat or drink, you’ll help them to maintain their sheen and luster. They’ll look brand new for years to come!

Why choose the bestselling grillz for sale online?

The right grillz will make you stand out, allowing you to be noticed even in a large crowd. With so many grillz options available in our best sellers’ collection, you’ll have no problem finding your perfect style fit. Feel free to choose grillz that match some of your favorite ensembles or the vibe you’re going for in a music video, runway appearance, or photo shoot. The moment you flash your smile, you can expect to hook others with your smile and leave a lasting impression.