Bottom 4 Grillz

Do you want to exude regal vibes whenever you smile or greet an acquaintance? Enhance your smile with our Bottom 4 Grillz at Luxe Grillz. These accessories offer a low-key way to elevate your status and bring out your smile’s natural beauty!

yellow gold 2 teeth grillz diamond cuts and dust

The Best Bottom and Top 4 Grillz

Refine your smile with a handmade Bottom 4 Grillz from Luxe Grillz. Keep things classy with 4 bottom teeth made of white gold, or add a personal touch to your grillz with 3D letters that spell out your nickname. Enjoy the best of two worlds with an enamel or diamond dust Bottom 4 Grillz and Top 4 Grillz combo. Our grillz are made of pure gold (10K), so you can rest assured they’ll keep your teeth gleaming for a lifetime.

Let Us Create Your Dream Grillz

Our team of gold casters at Luxe Grillz is ready to blow your mind with a Bottom or Top 4 gold grillz made just for you. We offer a relatively quick turnaround: you’ll receive your perfectly fitting grillz in just 7-10 after sending us a mold of your teeth (we provide the kit). This is potentially the quickest turnaround in the industry! Luxe Grillz also offers insured shipping, something many grillz manufacturers don’t provide. If your grillz gets lost in the mail, we’ll cover the cost. You’ll even receive a carrying case for removing and storing your grillz when you order from us!

3D lettering cut out grillz
bottom 4 grillz yellow gold

Discover Why Clients Love Luxe

Luxe Grillz isn’t just a jeweler that makes teeth. We’re a dental lab that makes grillz, which means you can expect safe grillz when you order from us. We use only solid gold (at least 10K). We never use plating or anything with silver since this metal is acidic on teeth. We’ll work with you until the end of your transaction, ensuring that your final piece — whether it’s a 5 teeth grillz, Top 4 Grillz, or single-tooth grillz — surpasses your expectations.

Ready to design your grill? Connect with us via our website or phone to set up a FaceTime consultation, or book an appointment at our Los Angeles office. Let’s get going on your personalized grillz today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose enamel grillz?

Enamel grillz in various styles ranging from 5 teeth grillz to Bottom or Top 4 Grillz offer greater personalization for grillz lovers. Enamel comes in multiple patterns and hues, allowing you to creatively express yourself.

Why are Bottom 4 bridge grillz in demand?

These grillz are popular because they’ll make your smile more glamorous while still letting you show off your teeth. You might also find bridge grillz more comfy than those offering full tooth coverage.