For a smile that’s worth its weight in gold, choose Luxe Grillz. Our real grillz are a one-of-a-kind way to create a million-dollar smile without the million-dollar price tag. With our many special collections, ranging from 18K gold authentic gap grillz to bridge grillz and even diamond fang grillz, we’ve got your pearly whites covered. Shop now!

Real Gap Grillz

purple and yellow sapphire gap grillz

Our sophisticated, photo-shoot-worthy real gap grillz are available in 18K, 14K, and 10K gold, as well as diamond, sapphire, and even opal options.


18K rose gold top fang grillz

Our canine-covering grillz will wow every onlooker. Choose these real fang grillz in 18K gold, 14K gold, 10K gold, diamonds, or other extraordinary gemstones.


opal grillz with diamond halo

Flash a smile they’ll never forget with our authentic gold opal grillz. Choose multi-color opal grillz with rubies or a real opal grillz with a diamond halo for extra bling.


bottom 6 gold bridge grillz

Give your smile the blinding shine you’ve always wanted with our stunning bridge grillz. Our top gold casters and jewelry designers can give you the perfect custom bottom grillz.

Single Tooth

single tooth gold diamond grillz

Show ‘em who’s boss with one of our single tooth 18K, 14K, or 10K yellow, white, or rose gold grillz. Choose our sleek diamond single tooth grillz for an even more high-end look.

2 Teeth

gold and sapphire 2 teeth grillz

Our 2 teeth grillz will keep all eyes on you. Project a high social status and wealth with these beauties in 18K, 14, and 10K gold, and add diamonds or sapphires for extra pizzazz!

3 Teeth

3 teeth grillz with diamonds and yellow sapphires

Our gold 3 teeth grillz from Luxe Grillz are the perfect way to carry your money on your teeth. Smile bigger with our pearl and diamond halo or yellow sapphire grillz!

Top 4

top 4 wave gold grillz

Add a shimmer to your smile with a gold top 4 grillz! Our real open face grillz, unique wave grillz, or grillz with a star and heart cut-out will instantly dazzle the crowd.

Bottom 4

14K white gold bottom 4 grillz

Capture attention at a show, at a party, or in town with our gorgeous bottom 4 gold grillz in 18K, 14K, or 10K gold. Spruce these bottom grillz up with rare gemstones, like opals.

Top 10

top 10 rose gold grillz

Nothing says “success” like a top 10 gold grillz. We offer gold and diamond grillz options. Let us create a real custom grillz set that will fit your smile only.

Bottom 10

bottom 10 gold grillz with diamond cuts

Our bottom 10 grillz are especially popular among professional athletes who want to make a bold statement. With these real grillz, they can wear upper-teeth mouthguards while showing off their bling on the bottom.

10K Gold Grillz

bottom 8 open face gold grillz

Give your smile a gold upgrade with a real 10K gold grillz made just for you. We use only solid gold in our grillz manufacturing process. Feel like a rockstar with drip, fang, and open face 10K gold grillz!

14K Gold Grillz

14K bottom bridge gold grillz with diamonds

A 14K gold grillz will make you stand out from the crowd. Choose a top 8 grillz, a bottom 6 grillz, a gap grillz, a bottom bridge grillz, or even a single tooth grillz made with 14K gold.

18K Gold Grillz

rose gold bottom 8 grillz

Our 18K gold grillz options feature a stunning, rich, warm color tone. Get an authentic grillz in rose, white, or yellow gold, and add diamonds for extra sparkle!