Grillz 101

Grillz 101 is an in-depth guide that will help you to understand all there is to know about custom grillz. You can use Grillz 101 as a buying guide to assist you in finding your perfect set of grillz or to help you to learn more about the grillz you already own. Grillz 101 also includes information on the history of grillz, grillz styles, prices, how-to guides, and much more.


Ok, so you have your set of custom grillz, or are at least are considering it; but, do you know all of its pieces. This visual guide will help you understand the histroy of grillz, the safety of grillz, how to clean your custom set of gold teeth & more. 


We've all seen grillz by the infamous celebrties ASAP Rocky, Nelly, Cam Newton and more, but have you seen who else is catching on. This guide here will serve as a complete style guide to help pair you custom set or sets of custom grillz with just about any fit.


Learn everything from how to take your dental molds, how to clean your grillz, how to wear and put on your grillz, and even how they're made. This video gallery will help you maintain your grillz with the care and love they deserve so that you're teeth are always glistening. 

The Origins of Grillz

For thousands of years, people have had gold teeth. In addition to being worn as jewelry, it was also used for dental care too — the earliest signs of its use for bridges and replacement teeth is all the way back in the 600s BCE. By the 19th century, as dental techniques became more refined, dentists were using gold to fill cavities instead of replacing the entire tooth.

In the 1980s, gold actually became the cheaper option for dental work than alternatives. To save money, impoverished African immigrants who were moving into Brooklyn and the Bronx would use gold for their dental work. It became an iconic look that New Yorkers not only recognized, but admired.

But it was the subsequent rise of hip-hop music in New York in the 1980s that led to the creation of the grillz culture. What was once a sign of poverty now became a sign of power, wealth, and success. Since then, the gold grillz industry in the United States has evolved to the point where people are regularly investing hundreds of thousands of dollars daily to upgrade their smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do people wear grillz?

People wear grillz primarily to embrace their individuality, show off their wealth, and make a fashion statement. A handful of grillz wearers also wear grillz to conceal missing or chipped teeth. 

2. Do you offer permanent grillz?

No. All of the grillz at Luxe Grillz are removable. This makes them a safer fashion accessory.

3. Do you sell silver grillz?

No. All of our grillz are made of solid gold. If you want a color similar to silver, we offer white gold. We don’t use silver because silver is an acidic metal and is therefore unsafe for your teeth.

4. How much do grillz cost?

The prices of grillz fluctuate, but a single tooth made of 10K gold starts at around $245, and a single diamond tooth starts at $785. 

5. Are grillz good for your teeth?

If grillz are made properly, they are not harmful to wear on your teeth. However, your teeth are sensitive, so it is important to make sure that you purchase grillz from a reliable grillz manufacturer with a dental background — like Luxe Grillz!

6. Can you eat with grillz?

It is recommended that you do not eat with your grillz on, as this will make them dirty and can cause bacteria to grow. Instead, wear your grillz only when your teeth and the grillz are clean.

7. Can I smoke while wearing my grillz?

We do not recommend smoking with your grillz on. Smoking with your grillz on can cause them to tarnish and become foggy and brownish.

8. How long do grillz last?

Grillz should last forever as long as you take care of them. To keep your grillz in pristine condition, do not smoke with your grillz on, and do not glue the grillz to your teeth.

9. What is your turnaround time for producing grillz?

We will have your grillz ready for pickup or to be mailed to your house 6-9 days from the time we receive your molds depending on the complexity of your grillz design.

10. Where is Luxe Grillz located?

Our headquarters are in Los Angeles. However, we are a fully online business, so we’ll mail mold kits directly to your front door.