Trippie Redd's Grillz: Ultimate Style Guide

An Introduction To Trippie's Style

To say that Trippie Redd is riding high these days is the ultimate understatement. Like Playboi Carti, Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, and Ski Mask the Slump God, Trippie Redd came out as one of the Soundcloud rappers. 

Now, even the most casual hip-hop fans will tell you that the Soundcloud rappers have received plenty of scrutiny in recent years. At the same time, though, they've quickly become some of the newest, brightest stars on the scene. And Redd's no exception.

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His fashion sense remains similarly extravagant and off-the-hook. If you've been paying attention, you already know Trippie Redd grillz prove some of the most blingblang accessories on the market today. Each showstopping piece gets more imaginative and elaborate, a physical manifestation of his musical successes and artistry.  

Keep reading to learn more about Trippie Redd and how to harness some of his unique fashion energy with your own tricked out grillz. 

Trippie Redd Grillz

Like his music, clothing, and hair, Trippie Redd grillz are eclectic and one-of-a-kind. He's sported everything from white gold and ruby open face grillz to blue diamond spiked grillz, and even shark grillz. Let's explore these extravagant accessories and how to get the look.

With his release of two official mixtapes in 2017, A Love Letter to You and A Love Letter to You 2, he invited both acclaim and controversy. He followed these up with an eclectic debut album, Life's a Trip, manifesting diverse influences, from hip-hop and R&B to alternative rock and pop. Now, near the end of 2020, Trippie Redd is poised to drop his latest project 'Pegasus'.

Trippie Redd's Shark Teeth Grillz

 In 2018, Redd made it known he's competing for the craziest grillz in hip-hop. He wore shark fangs grillz worth a reported $50,000. The grillz set features ten-carat white diamonds, VVS blue diamonds, and the number 14 spelled out in white diamonds. 

From Over-the-Top Grillz to Unique Stylings

Of course, his grillz just keep getting more extravagant. For his birthday in 2020, he debuted a full diamond-coated set accented with purple gemstones. Whether he's rocking silver chains and a torn blue-and-green hoodie or all black, his teeth are bejeweled.

His face has eye-catching tattoos, including "Love Scars" and "14, " a number that recurs in his daily life and evokes angelic beings. His ever-changing hair color has become something to watch, too.

Whether he's sporting platinum, burgundy, or black dreads, he exudes a style all his own. When it comes to Trippie Redd grillz, they're equally as imaginative, featuring eye-popping colors and extravagant designs.

Blue Diamond Spiked Grillz

Trippie Redd knows how to slay in shark grillz and blue diamond spiked grillz, too. These accessories are custom-crafted relying on high-quality materials and diamonds from trusted sources. 

For example, Trippie Redd's blue diamond spiked grillz evoke both a menacing and intriguing look. They cost the rapper a reported $50,000 USD and feature VVS blue diamonds set in white gold with 14 white diamonds interspersed throughout.

They're not for everybody, and so you'll need to inquire with us to find out more about each Trippie Redd grillz price. Feel free to request a design for any custom grill you desire, and we'll back to you right away with an estimate. 

Just let us know your unique specifications. If possible, send us some photos, too. Then, we'll get to work on a set of grillz you'll cherish and wear for years to come. 

Better yet, we can work with you to craft Trippie Redd spiked blue diamond grillz for about half the price based on the materials used. 

Top 4 Vampire Fangs & Shark Teeth

This one is a unique style that drew inspirations from Trippie Redd's catalogue of grillz. See our latest vampire fang and shark teeth grillz designs and shop the style today. 

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Bottom 8 Drip Grillz

Trippie Redd was most recently seen in his interview with Hypebeast wearing a set of cuustom Gold Drip Grillz, with add on Diamonds. We can do the same style for you, simply shop our Drip Grillz collection and submit a custom inquiry to add diamonds to your order. 

Drip Grillz

Buy Bottom 8 Drip Grillz in 18K Yellow Gold

Bottom 8 Diamond Grillz

Trippie is often seen wearing his custom set of diamond grillz with the custom shark teeth style. Here's a look at a bottom 8 set of diamond grillz without the fangs look.


Diamond Grillz Single Tooth

For a more affordable and less intimidating way to break into grillz fashion, consider emulating Trippie Redd with the Diamond Grillz Single Tooth or diamond fangs. It provides the perfect pop of bling, especially when you experiment with different shades of gold and gemstone colors. 

Single Tooth Diamond Grillz

Shop This Single Tooth VVS Diamond Grillz in 14K White Gold

Feature List:

  • Diamond Clarity: VVS GIA Certified
  • Diamond Color: D
  • Gold Purity: 14 Karat
  • Number of Teeth: 1 Tooth
  • Gold Color: White Gold
  • Placement: Top or Bottom
  • Authentication: 100% Authentic Purity Guarantee
  • Shipping Policy: Free Mold Kit

Whether you opt for the Diamond Grillz Single Tooth, the Top 8 Open Grillz, the Bottom 8 Open Grillz, or a custom design emulating Trippie Redd's shark teeth, we've got you covered.

No one does grillz more affordably and artistically. We work hard to keep prices competitive without ever compromising on the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of our finished products.

Top 8 Open Face Grillz

Trippie Redd loves wearing his gold top open face grillz. Replicate his style by customizing the Top 8 Open Face Grillz with colored gemstones for a unique vibe. 

Top 8 Open Face Grillz

Buy Top 8 Open Face Yellow Gold Grillz in 18K

Feature List:

  • Gold Purity: 18 Karat
  • Number of Teeth: 8 Teeth
  • Gold Color: Yellow Gold
  • Authentication: 100% Authentic Purity Guarantee (learn more)
  • Placement: Top
  • Shipping Policy: Free Shipping (learn more)

The Top 8 Open Face Grillz also comes in white and rose gold for a truly customized appearance. 

Bottom 8 Open Face Grillz

Ready to get bezzeled out like Trippie Redd? Like the Top 8, sporting this tight accessory will make you stand out from the crowd. What's more, you can work with the jeweler to add gemstones and other personalized touches. 

Bottom 8 Open Face Grillz

Buy Bottom 8 Open Face Grillz in 18K

Feature List:

  • Description: Bottom 8 Open Face Grillz in Solid Rose Gold
  • Gold Purity: 18 Karat
  • Number of Teeth: 8 Teeth
  • Gold Color: Rose Gold
  • Authentication: 100% Authentic Purity Guarantee (learn more)
  • Placement: Bottom
  • Shipping Policy: Free Shipping (learn more)

Trippie Redd does things his way, from music to fashion. Channel his wild steez while staying true to your personality with this accessory iced out to your specs. 

How to Order Trippie Redd Shark Teeth Grillz

What's the first step when ordering Trippie Redd grillz? Well, because this piece is extremely custom, we'd have you make a custom request to design your own grillz. Simply submit a form on the design my grillz page and request for the Trippie Redd Shark Teeth grillz!

When we receive your order, we'll drop a free mold kit in the mail to the address you've provided.

What comes in each mold kit? Two sets of mouth trays and molding materials.

Follow the step-by-step instructions for the kit to take accurate impressions of your teeth. Ship your molds back to us, and we'll use them to manufacture a pristine set of grillz.

Shop our Celebrity Grillz now to find the perfect Trippie Redd Grillz or gain inspiration to design your own custom piece. 

Who Is Trippie Redd?

Born Michael Lamar White IV on June 18, 1999, his family moved back and forth between Canton and Columbus, Ohio, often. 

He remembers fondly his mother playing a diverse collection of music to him, from Ashanti to Tupac and Nas. He later added KISS, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, and more to his growing playlist.

After getting inspired by Lil Tae (Taevion Williams), Trippie Redd started experimenting with rap. As he grew more serious about music, he released two songs, "New Ferrari" and "Sub-Zero" in 2014. After graduating high school and moving to Atlanta, he met Lil Wop, which led to a handful of collaborations.

A Rising Rap Star With Creative Grillz

Trippie Redd skyrocketed to fame with A Love Letter to You (2017) and the single "Love Scars." This song received more than eight million YouTube and 13 million Soundcloud views in just a matter of months. 

He also appeared on XXXTentacion's album, 17, with a sick collaboration that peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 as number 28. 

His second mixtape, A Love Letter to You 2 (2017), hit the Billboard 200 at number 34 in October. That same month, his collaboration EP Angels & Demons with Lil Wop came out. 

Along the way, Redd often wore gold and iced out grillz. But he ventured into new creative territory in 2017 with a custom pair of grillz featuring multi-colored diamonds arranged in extravagant patterns. 

Trippie Redd's debut album, Life's a Trip (2018), quickly took number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In 2019, his second album, !, debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200, selling the equivalent of 51,000 albums. With each success, his grillz collection grew.

Eclectic Style Distinguishes Trippie Redd

Redd lists KISS, Nirvana, and System of a Down among his favorite bands, and he's worked with Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Chief Keef, to name a few.

Although his lyrics prove heartfelt at times, he doesn't care much for the label "emo rapper." He's quick to deny being a "mumble rapper" despite his Soundcloud beginnings, too.

Yet, he's still managed to become one of rap's most polarizing celebrities. Multiple altercations with the law and salacious abuse allegations have fueled his infamy. Fortunately, nothing has stuck.

Trippie Redd has created a considerable amount of buzz over the years with his one-of-a-kind fashion and increasingly elaborate grillz, too. He often showcases multi-colored diamonds in his teeth as well as his signature shark fangs. 

Like his musical wanderings, he experiments when it comes to fashion. His look is an imaginative admixture of the best alternative rock, pop, R&B, and hip-hop offers. 


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