Opal Grillz

You’re exquisite. Beautiful. Inspirational. Demonstrate this to the world with a gemstone that embodies these ideals – opal. At Luxe Grillz, we proudly offer a broad collection of white, rose, and yellow gold grillz made with premier-quality synthetic opal pieces. Browse our selection of opal gold grillz today!

top 6 multi color opal grillz with rubies
Olé For Opal!

Olé For Opal!

Make life colorful with our opal grillz. Opals feature a multitude of patterns and hues, with some changing as the stones move while others display vibrant colors like red, yellow, and blue. They’re also viewed as rare and superior, commanding per-carat prices rivaling the best emeralds, glistening sapphires, stunning rubies, and bright diamonds.

Customize your opal teeth to suit your style by adding a three-dimensional diamond number or even a gold tooth engraved with your initials or college logo to your grillz. Our other popular grillz options include opal fangs, opal teeth with enamel halos for a glistening appearance, and opal gap teeth for individuals seeking a discreet way to enrichen their smiles. Choose an opal piece with a single upper tooth or as many as eight bottom teeth, like the Kim K diamond and opal halo option.

We use only solid gold (at least 10K) with our grillz, so you can expect only the best when you shop at Luxe Grillz. Our opal grillz can also include either natural or lab diamonds based on your preference and budget. Lab diamonds are just as gorgeous as genuine diamonds but are generally more cost effective. Natural diamonds are an excellent choice due to their unparalleled monetary value.

Go For the Gold Grillz

Are you ready to give yourself a million-dollar smile without the million-dollar price tag? We’ve got your pearly whites covered at Luxe Grillz. We’re ready to create a custom-fit opal gold grillz for you. 

We can FaceTime you to discuss your vision, and you may share images of your dream grillz with us. We’ll then send you a mold kit to create an impression of your teeth. Our kit is simple to use, coming with easy-to-follow instructions. The kit is critical because it allows us to create a grillz tailor made for your smile. You can enjoy comfortable, attractive custom grillz without going to the dentist for a custom dental impression.

Once you return the kit, we’ll generate a three-dimensional rendering of your grillz. We’ll then get to work on your grillz, bringing your vision to life. We’ll ship your final grillz to you within 10 days, one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry. Upgrading your smile couldn’t be easier with our efficient grillz process at Luxe Grillz.

Go For the Gold Grillz
Go Luxe With Luxe Grillz

Go Luxe With Luxe Grillz

At Luxe Grillz, we’re proud to be your leading Los Angeles–based custom grillz design company. Luxe Grillz Founder Alex Peck set out to transform the industry by bringing opal and other grillz online, and he’s transformed numerous smiles as a result. Customers come to us due to the ease of our process and our relative affordability at base grillz prices (the price goes up if you add more expensive materials or diamonds). They also appreciate our craftsmanship, as we use only the best grillz fabricators to produce quality products.

We firmly believe that the perfect grillz can boost your confidence, enhance your smile’s natural beauty, and elevate your status, so we create our customers’ grillz like we would our own. We’re committed to providing you with top-tier customer service, quality, and punctuality — the entire package. Design your grillz with the experts at Luxe Grillz today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use white gold for my opal gold grillz?

Many grillz wearers choose white gold because it’s an aesthetically pleasing alloy of metals (e.g., nickel, palladium) and gold. The combination gives the grillz a lavish and distinctive silver and white hue. Jewelry wearers also like white gold since it’s durable, tarnish resistant, and capable of securely holding gemstones like opal for an even more impressive look.

What makes opal better than other gemstones for grillz?

Opal’s rainbow of colors contrasts gorgeously with the gold metal used to create grillz. Grillz lovers also like opal since it’s considered to symbolize hope and luck while showing off your playful and creative personality. Opal is perfect for anyone who wants to draw attention to their smile for all the right reasons.