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Pharrell "Infinity Stone" Grillz 

With the originality of an artist like Pharrell and his approach to making music, we’re not surprised at the boundary-pushing he achieved even with his multiple stunning grillz looks. And with the success the 13-time Grammy winner has had, it’s also not surprising he could afford the reported $100k price tag on his unbelievable “Infinity Stone” grillz. If you’re hoping to rock a similar look, don’t sweat too much on Pharrell’s bill, we’re more than capable of creating a similar look for you at a much more affordable price. When it comes to creating luxury looks at a reasonable price, we’ve definitely got you covered, but do not cover any universe-altering effects resulting from snapping your fingers while wearing these grillz. 

How Much Are Pharrell’s Colored Gemstone Grillz?

According to multiple sources, Pharrell dished out a humbling $100k for his 8 on 8 grillz with custom-cut faceted gemstones. Prices will typically vary based on the gemstones sourced as well as the kind of gold used but our quote for reproducing this set would start at around $5,245 using synthetic stones set in 10k gold. This might sound a price jump, or fall, that’s too good to be true, but in reality, with factors like the origins of these sourced gemstones, their customized cuts (Pharrell’s favorite being princess cut) and the personal price of the designer (and probably Pharrell’s net worth) means the price on this elaborate of a set can kind of be endlessly driven up. Lucky for you, you have Luxe Grillz to get these made with your budget in mind and even offer extended financing options. 

Why is Pharrell Wearing Grillz? 

Despite what you may think of Pharrell’s iconic Westwood hat era, it’s indisputable that the man knows how to create iconic fashion moments, but Pharrell is no recent stranger to grillz culture. As a part of the 90’s hip hop wave, he’s been steeped in the culture of grillz for decades. And similar to his music, Pharrell has expressed that he has great reverence for the classics and that it’s important to give respect to them, while taking his own music further and expanding the possibilities of sound. We think the same can be said for his design of grillz, that while top and bottom 8 are definitely classic, his use of rainbow enamel and various princess-cut faceted rare gems are definitely a modern twist on the tried and true, and we love him all the more for it. 

Pharrell Rainbow Enamel Grillz

If you thought Pharrell’s rare gem faceted 8 on 8 weren’t colorful, well, we recommend you visit an eye doctor. But if you really just want to see the full spectrum of color that grillz can deliver, we know you’ll love Pharrell’s rainbow enamel 8 on 8, where he’s rocking every color of the rainbow across his teeth with accented diamonds, all set in gold. We’re obsessed with this statement look of Pharrell’s and even moreso that he got the pair from a designer named Roy G. Biv. There's no confirmed price that Pharrell paid for these grillz but from our end these 8 on 8 rainbow enamel start at $625 a tooth, meaning a 16-tooth set would cost around $4,725 in 10k gold and with Luxe you could choose from any color enamel. 

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