Finance Grillz

Finance The Purchase of Your Grillz

We want you to enjoy the purchase of your custom grillz. The style you desire should never be met by limitations, whether that may be financially or in boldness. We strive for our customers to have the ability to control their financial lives and give the opportunity to live everyday life with confidence.

We have outlined our custom financing options below to help you purchase what you want with ease. Find answers to all of your financing questions below. 

Grillz Over $1,500

For any grillz purchase over $1,500, we offer custom payment solutions such as credit card financing (making payments on your credit card), or partial pay.

Partial pay financing includes:

  • Purchase a mold-kit for $200 that acts as a store credit deposit to get started on your order. The first step will be taking your mold. 
  • Pay half of the order price once we your molds back in the mail or once you complete your mold in our office.
  • Once the product is finished (likely in 6-8 days), we will then request for the remainder of the payment upon pickup of your finished custom grillz (or before we mail your finished grillz to you).

Another option for grillz that are over $1,500 is to do a combination of paying us a portion of the total purchase and financing up to $1,500 with Shop Pay.

For example, if your total purchase costs $2,200 we can send you two separate invoices, one for $700 and another invoice for $1,500 which you can finance using Shop Pay.

Shop Grillz over $1,500

Grillz Under $1,500

We've partnered with Shop Pay to offer an easy pay-in-4 solution for the purchase of your custom grillz that are under $1,500. Shop Pay breaks up your total purchase into 4 payments (you will pay 25% of the total purchase price every 2 weeks). 

We also allow you the choice of financing your grillz directly through us even if they are under $1,500. We will start by taking a 50% deposit to get the process started. We will then require you to pay the balance of your total purchase when the grillz are finished, which will take 6-10 days depending on your grillz design).

Shop Grillz under $1,500

Benefits of Using Shop Pay:

Shop online and instore, and pay in 4 interest free payments

  • No hard credit check
  • No impact on your credit score
  • 4 interest‑free installments
  • Zero Interest
  • You receive your grillz before you have finished paying for them.

How To Finance Grillz Under $1,500

Financing your grillz is easy! You will find our Shop Pay options on our Product pages as seen below

1). Find out how low your payment can be by viewing any product under $1,500 ($USD) on our website. You may find your Shop Pay payment on our products here:
finance grillz shop pay


2). Select Shop Pay in the Express Checkout or Payments section 
express checkout

3). Follow the Prompts from the Shop Pay widget and enter the 6 digit verification code 
shop pay verification code

4). Click 'Complete order' to be redirected to 'Shop Pay' to complete your financed purchase securely

payment shop pay
5). Complete steps on Shop Pay website to complete your order - you will then be redirected back to Luxe Grillz (

Questions with Financing

If you have any questions about financing the purchase of your grillz or would like to finance in-store, please email or call/text (310) 592-9903.