How To Put Grillz On & Make Them Stay

How Grillz Stay On Your Teeth

Most people who do not own grillz wonder “How do you put grillz on” and "how to fit my grillz". The secret to having the grillz fit perfectly comes down to getting a good mold of your teeth and working with an experienced grillz manufacturer. The Grillz should fit directly on top of your teeth and should be snug and stay on properly from the pressure of the gold on each side of your teeth. 

How to Put Grillz On?

Some people choose to go with permanent grillz, which requires your teeth to be filed down by a dentist, then the gold or diamond caps are glued on top of your filed-down teeth. This is not advisable because you want to have the ability to brush your natural teeth otherwise your teeth will rot and your gums will get infected overtime.

How Do Custom Grillz Stay on Your Teeth?

Custom grillz, also called removable grillz from a trusted manufacturer should comfortably fit over your natural teeth and act as a functional fashion accessory. In essence, the grillz will slide directly on top of your natural teeth and will grip your teeth from the front side and the backside by applying pressure to the walls of your teeth.

How to put on grillz?

Wearing grillz should not cause pain to your teeth, nor should the grillz move your teeth. A well-made set of grillz should fit on top of your teeth snugly and should not fall off when you talk with the grillz on. While it may take a little bit to get comfortable speaking with the grillz on, the grillz should not hurt your teeth, move your teeth, or easily fall off your teeth.

Remember, when putting removable grillz on your teeth, they should slip on top of your natural teeth (applying a little bit of pressure) and the grillz should comfortably fit because of pressure that is applied by the gold to the front side and back side of your teeth. 

Should it Hurt my Teeth to Put Grillz On?

No, it should absolutely not hurt your teeth when you put your grillz on. While it may take you some time to get used to wearing the grillz, you should by no means be in any sort of pain. The grillz should feel a bit snug on your teeth but they should not give you a toothache. 

There have been a couple cases where our clients had their first set of grillz made from another grillz company and they were so tight that the customer had migraines from wearing their top grillz piece. We immediately told them that is not how grillz should fit and we melted down their grillz and made them a new one from scratch that they were able to comfortably wear throughout the day without any issues.

How To Make Grillz Fit Your Teeth (Easily)

While you ideally want the grillz to fit snugly on your teeth so they do not move or fall off when you talk, if they are made too tight they will cause pain to your teeth and can even adjust the positioning of your teeth over time. 

When you put on your custom grillz pieces, it should just require a little push to securely get them on top of your teeth. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort or if the grillz are falling off your teeth or moving around too much, we recommend you contact the grillz manufacturer immediately to get the issue resolved so you can comfortably put your grillz on your teeth. 

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