Best Grillz for Women

Grillz for Females

If you are shopping around for grillz for women or custom gold and diamond teeth sets for girls, Luxe Grillz is the best place for you. From diamond gap grillz, to single open face teeth, to teeth with heart cut outs, to diamond bridge grillz; Luxe Grillz is the leading online marketplace for grillz made for women.

If you want to look like some of your favorite female celebrities: Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and more; Luxe Grillz will provide you with the perfect set of grillz to match your style.

miley cyrus grillz


Grillz are gold and diamond teeth that are designed to fit or "cover" the teeth. They are constructed of pure gold, diamonds, and other precious metals that are safe to put in your mouth. Our grillz are removable so you can have a couple options to choose from to pair with your outfit for the night.

The greatest item in jewelry accessories is the grillz for your teeth. Aren't you delighted to have a fresh look like the celebrities you admire? Now that there is no more mask mandate, it is the perfect time for you to upgrade your smile. With the most robust selection of grillz styles available, Luxe Grillz is the ideal place for all women who are shopping for grillz that fit their personalities.

Most Popular Grillz for Women

Grillz are now primarily a fashion statement and are worn by a growing number of women, girls, or ladies. Grillz have transitioned from a hip hop accessory to a fashion piece worn by many women on the runway, at concerts, at local bars, and even worn by women as a daily accessory. Grillz are a unique and eye-catching style of jewelry. They're comfortable to wear, and come in many different styles and gold colors.

Most Popular Grillz for Women:

Multi-Color Opal Gap Grillz w Open Face Fangs (10K, Yellow Gold)

Shop Multi-Color Opal Grillz

Open Face Tooth w Light Pink Sapphire Tip and Pink Enamel Grillz (10K, Yellow Gold)

Shop Open Face Sapphire Pink Grillz


Single Tooth Diamond Grillz (VS+ White Gold)


Shop Single Tooth Diamond Grillz

Other Popular Grillz for Women

Where to Buy Grillz for Girls

It's very easy to find a store that sells grillz for women, but we all know how difficult it is to find a reputable place that not only sells grillz for women but also has good experience making grillz and provides the best quality grillz pieces on the market. Luxe Grillz is here to provide you with the perfect shopping experience that you deserve.

If you are looking for grillz for women, Luxe Grillz is the best place for you, where you will get a huge collection of girl grillz that are unique and outstanding. At Luxe Grillz, you can order your own design of gold or diamond grillz. You can order us directly from our website or you can call us at (310) 592-9903 and be in direct contact with our expert team who will help you order your custom designed grillz.

Because we constantly prioritize customer service and have a highly skilled and professional manufacturing team, Luxe Grillz promises that you will be completely delighted with your purchase. We've dealt with a lot of happy female customers who have repeatedly expressed their delight with their buying experience.

Originally, grillz were mainly worn by people who were in the hip hop community and featured in gangster rap music videos, but the demographic of grillz wearers has expanded to include men and women of all backgrounds and nationalities. 

Steps for Women to Buy Grillz in Los Angeles

Get your desired grillz by following these simple steps from Luxe Grillz. We have the quickest making process and a simple ABC molding process so that we can give you your perfect fitted gold or diamond grillz set fast.

  • Book an appointment to get the molds done at our office or we can send a mold kit to your house.
  • After we have your molds, it will take us 5/6 business days to make gold grillz and an additional 3-7 days for diamond grillz depending on how many diamonds need to be set.
  • Pick up your grillz from our downtown Los Angeles office or we can mail your finished grillz to your residence. 

Steps to Buy Grillz for Women Online

  1. Order directly through our website. We would recommend checking out our Custom Designed Grillz New Arrivals. Please call (310) 592-9903 if you have any questions.
  2. We will send a mold kit to your house. Please follow our grillz molding video to take impressions of your teeth
  3. Mail us your molds and we will manufacture your grillz. Once we receive your molds, it will take us 5 business days to make all gold grillz, and an additional 1-5 days for grillz that have diamonds, opals, engravings, and any other customizations.
  4. We will mail your grillz back to you when they are finished or you can pick them up from our grillz office in Downtown Los Angeles.