Top 9 Rappers Who Wear Grillz

Rappers with Grillz

This list of the top 10 rappers who wear grillz will serve as a useful resource to anyone who is interested in seeing who wears gold and diamond teeth in the hip hop industry. Many rappers use grillz as a fashion statement. Some well-known rappers with grillz have solid gold grills, while others prefer diamonds in abundance. Several well-known rappers with grillz have even written songs about their designer smiles.

Grillz are temporary tooth coverings composed of gold, diamonds, opals, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and custom designs. Wearing gold and diamonds on your teeth is not a new trend; in fact, it has a thousand-year history. But don't worry, we've got you covered from A to Z when it comes to grillz history and which popular rappers are wearing what. Grills have long been associated with the hip hop community but the grillz-wearing demographic has expanded tremendously over the past couple years.

Let's take a deeper look at the grillz worn by these top 10 hip-hop musicians:

Kanye West Grillz

Kanye West, or Ye, is a lover of grillz. He used to have a gold grillz. But they were damaged in an automobile accident he was in. His new grillz were not just gold, but also diamonds. After his car crash, Kanye upgraded his grillz to be iced out with diamonds

In fact, Kanye West’s new diamond grillz cost more than his previous ones. Recently, Kanye has often been seen wearing a bottom diamond grillz piece in a couple interviews. This definitely seems to be the new look for Kanye West. 

Apparently, Kanye West has permanent dental issues to his bottom teeth. Kanye West's stunning gold and diamond front teeth stunned Ellen DeGeneres on her appearance. "Just on top of your teeth?" DeGeneres inquired. "No," he said. My bottom row of teeth are gone.

Celebrities like Kanye do not only wear watches and chains, but also gold and diamond grillz. Getting yourself a set of custom grillz seems to be new trend among some of the most popular hip hop artists.

A$AP Rocky Grillz

Asap Rocky, on the other hand, has been donning grillz for quite some time. His most recent grillz are not ordinary ones. They feature colored gemstones and drawings of flowers. When the Harlem rapper debuted his new grillz at last year's Yams Day festivities, he received a lot of positive feedback.

As previously said, the actual flowers that can be seen on two of his teeth are the focus of his smile. The top and bottom of the grillz are both set with pink and canary yellow diamonds.

Asap Rocky is very well known for introducing gold teeth to the high fashion industry. Read the full guide on ASAP Rocky grillz

Flavor Flav Grillz

William Drayton's stage name is Flavor Flav. Flavor Flav wears massive clocks around his neck as a reflection of his unique accessory style. As a result, there's little question that he experimented with the gold grillz fad. In fact, he is regarded as a forerunner.

He's had gold grills for over a decade. During a screening in Los Angeles, he even wore his grill set for the first time. He has been pictured wearing full gold top and bottom grills on many occasions. He is regarded as a pioneer in the grill business and a great supporter of "golden grillz." For over a decade, he has been photographed with gold tops and bottom grillz on a regular basis, and the look is permanent. There aren't many images of him with his natural teeth and wearing grillz is definitely part of Flavor Flav’s “look.”

Kodak Black Grillz

Kodak Black has been known to wear a couple different sets of grillz. His grillz sets are permanently glued to his teeth (which is not advised). We recommend wearing removable grillz as opposed to following Kodak Black’s lead getting permanently set grillz, so you can brush your teeth and they do not rot. Also, you want to be able to remove your grillz when you eat, smoke, or drink soda.

Kodak Black’s most popular grillz sets: 

Kodak Black also has a set of grillz with rubies implanted on the surface of each tooth. 

kodak black ruby grillz

In the past, his teeth were permanently adorned with precious metals. In spite of this, he was forced to get it removed because of a gum infection. He was awarded his first Billboard Choice Award in 2017 for his work. His “gangster” look and southern Florida style has gained him a huge following who idolize him and his group of self-proclaimed “gremlins”.

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Nicki Minaj Grillz

Nicki Minaj has been one of the most famous female hip hop artists over the past two decades. She calls herself “Barbie” and is well known for showcasing her Bottom 6 Diamond Grillz. Nicki Minaj is closely tied to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Record label and her most popular song is “Super Bass” which was released in 2011. See a similar grill to Nicki Minaj's bottom 6 diamond grillz.

Lil' Wayne Grillz

Lil Wayne has been wearing gold grillz since the beginning of his career, so it's fair to assume he's a fan. Lil Wayne has been wearing his gold grills for a long time and has never been spotted without them. In 2010, he informed an interviewer that he underwent dental surgery to permanently set diamond grillz on his teeth. 

Lil Wayne has also publicly discussed how having permanent grillz and eating a lot of candy and drinking soda has caused his teeth to rot and deteriorate. He has had to get all of his teeth replaced but still wears permanent grillz because the damage to his teeth is so severe. Because of this, we recommend avoiding permanent grillz so your teeth do not get destroyed like Lil Wayne’s.

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown is also a famous rapper who has been seen sporting diamond and gold grillz periodically. He wore his grillz at his "Dum English" art show.He has been seen often without grillz on his teeth which lets us know that his grillz are not permanently set to his teeth. They are removable, similar to the grillz offered online at Luxe Grillz. 

Juicy J

Jordan Houston, popularly known as Juicy J, had some stunning grillz that drew Katy Perry's attention and led to a musical collaboration with him. "She loved my chain, so I linked her up with my jeweler," Juicy J claimed in one of his songs. She wanted to buy some grillz, so I offered her my jeweler's contact information. So Juicy J had an immediate impact on the grillz community by getting Katy Perry, a pop singer, plugged with his grillz manufacturer so she could get herself a set of custom grillz.

Quavo Grillz

Quavo, one member of the hit group Migos, is one of the most popular celebrities who is showcasing their custom grillz. Quavo has a couple sets of diamond grillz, but his most recent set of diamond grillz is rumored to have cost around $250,000!!