How to Clean White Gold Grillz

Keep Your White Gold Grillz Looking New

The process for cleaning white gold grillz is the exact same as cleaning any other gold grillz. Most people who are wondering “how to clean white gold grillz” assume that it is a different process from cleaning yellow gold grillz, but this is not the case. 

Cleaning White Gold Grillz

To clean white gold grillz, here are a couple recommendations: 

  • Run the grillz under warm water
  • Dip the grillz in mouthwash
  • Dip the grillz in liquid gold cleaner THEN run them under warm water
  • Use a gold polishing cloth
  • Go to a jewelry repair shop and have the grillz polished by a professional

As always, if you are looking to keep your white gold grillz as clean as possible, looking brand new, follow these rules:

  • do not smoke with your grillz on
  • do not eat with your grillz on
  • do not drink soda or coffee with your grillz

We recommend cleaning your white gold grillz as often as possible to increase the probability that you will not have any cavities from wearing your grillz. If you put your grillz on directly after eating (without cleaning your teeth), microscopic bacteria will be caught between your grillz and your teeth and will increase the probability of you developing a cavity. To mitigate this, please clean your teeth and grillz as often as possible.

How to Care for White Gold Grillz?

If you have a set of white gold grillz and desire to keep them looking as fresh and brand new as possible, our first recommendation is to avoid smoking with your grillz on. This is our most important recommendation to anyone interested in taking care of their grillz regardless if they are made in white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. Smoking with your grillz on is the quickest way to ruin your grillz because it causes them to change colors becoming dark and foggy. 

Do Not Smoke Wearing Grillz

Our second most important recommendation is to always remove your grillz whenever you are going to eat. This is both for the health of your teeth and your grillz. Getting small traces of food stuck between your teeth and the grillz will cause irreparable damage to your teeth and will dramatically increase the likelihood that you’ll have cavities. Piggy-backing off of this, we highly recommend that you brush your teeth in between eating and putting your grillz back on. It is always recommended that you have a completely fresh surface when you put your gold teeth in. If there is any leftover food in your teeth, this will increase the likelihood that you will irritate your teeth while wearing the grillz. 

Another issue we constantly hear about from our clients is their history of losing grillz. If you want to avoid losing your grillz, we highly recommend you put them back on your cement teeth and inside your grillz carrying case whenever you are not wearing your grillz. 

Can I Clean my White Gold Grillz Myself?

Yes, you are absolutely able to clean your white gold grillz yourself. In order to keep your white gold grillz looking brand new, you do not need any professional cleanings. Please check out our grillz cleaning guide and be sure to follow these important recommendations:

  1. Do NOT smoke with your grillz on
  2. Do NOT eat with your grillz on
  3. Do NOT drink coffee or soda with your grillz on
  4. Do NOT glue the grillz to your teeth