Join the Luxe Grillz Family of Dentists!

Join the Luxe Grillz family of dentists who provide their clients with perfectly-fitting custom grillz, permanent diamond crowns, aligner grillz, and more!

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Scan your patients teeth (or mail us impressions)
  2. Add patients' scan & order details to their google drive folder
  3. Your patient's order should be completed + shipped to your office in 6-10 days
stylish woman wearing grillz

Our Services

Fashionable Removable Grillz

Removable Grillz as Retainers

Permanent Crowns w Diamonds + Gemstones

Removable Grillz use to temporarily cover dental imperfections

Removable Grillz used as teeth-aligners

  • Multi-staged alignment treatment (similar to Invisalign) using fashionable grillz to shift teeth, instead of plastic trays

  • Patient receives the new aligner grillz for each stage at an in-person checkup with their dentist

  • Each aligner grillz will be melted down + recycled after each stage is completed

How To Join the Luxe Grillz Dental Family

Are you ready to increase revenue, appeal to a younger audience, and attract more affluent patients seeking luxury dental care? Join the Luxe Grillz dental family, and lets work together to offer a safe option for patients looking for dental jewelry.