Can You Eat with Grillz on?

Is it Safe to Eat with Grillz on?

Are you curious if you can eat with grillz? The answer is yes and no. Yes, you physically can eat with your grillz on, but it is not advised for a number of reasons:

  1. Eating with your grillz on will make your grillz dirty
  2. Eating with your grillz on can cause your gold teeth to get scratched from rough foods
  3. Eating with your grillz will allow bacteria to get between your grillz and your teeth and will cause cavities.

Take Your Grillz Off when Eating

It is highly recommended that you take your grillz off whenever you eat. After investing money into creating a custom grillz piece, you should do your best to take care of the gold teeth by taking them off before you eat so you can keep the grillz looking fresh and brand new.

It is also recommended that you clean your teeth in between eating and putting your grillz back on. You want to make sure there is not any food or bacteria stuck between your teeth and the gold because this will irritate your enamel and lead to an increase in the possibility of you having cavities. 

Again, it is completely up to you if you want to eat with your grillz on, but the dental experts highly recommend against it in order to preserve your teeth and keep your grillz looking fresh!

Should you Eat Food with Grillz on?

It is not recommended for you to eat food while you wear your grillz. The reason for this is that chewing food with your grillz on will cause the gold grillz to get dirty. In addition, if you eat food wearing diamond grillz, food particles will get in between the diamonds and the gold prongs used to securely hold the diamonds into the gold. 

Also, if you decide to eat with your grillz on, you increase the likelihood that your gold grillz will get scratched and damaged. Solid Gold Grillz are fragile, because gold is a precious and soft metal. Therefore, if you eat any sticky or crunchy food, you can likely damage your gold grillz. 

The main reason why you should not eat with your grillz on is because food can get in between your teeth and the gold grillz. Over time, this will cause bad breath and it will also increase the likelihood of you getting a cavity. For this reason, we also recommend that you brush your teeth or at least rinse them with water before you put your grillz on post-eating. We do not want any micro bacteria building up on your teeth or inside the grillz over time because this can also cause cavities over time. 

If you are adamant about eating with your grillz on, there are a couple things you can do to keep the grillz and your teeth clean. To start, we would recommend cleaning your grillz once or twice a day and also brushing your teeth as often as possible. As you can imagine, we do not recommend chewing gum with the grillz on because the gum can get stuck to the gold. With this being said, the best way to battle bad breath is to rinse your mouth and grillz with mouthwash, brush your teeth as often as possible, and drink a lot of water to keep your teeth and gums hydrated. Try to take off your grillz often and slush around water around your teeth to try to wash away any bacteria that may have built up throughout the day. 

Bottom line for those wondering if you can eat with grillz on, is that the experts recommend against it if you want to preserve the quality of your gold grillz and practice good dental habits. If you have diamond grillz, we recommend against eating food even more purely because food will definitely get stuck in the small gold prongs used to hold the diamond in.