Long Beach Grillz Near Me

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Buying Grillz in Long Beach has never been easier! We're here to help you shop for Grillz in Long Beach locally or online starting today. 

Grillz can best be described as “dental jewelry.” Grillz are predominantly popular in the hip hop, music, and fashion world. However, in recent years, they have gained large popularity in Long Beach. From rappers like Snoop Dogg wearing Grillz and other International music stars such as Madonna or Katy Perry often wear this dental jewelry in their videos or shows.

Long Beach Grillz Near Me

Today, custom grillz are popular in almost every country and Luxe Grillz is here to help you if you are in Long Beach and want to shop with the world’s most reliable grillz manufacturer.

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Long Beach Grillz Near Me

If you are living in Long Beach and thinking “Where can i buy grillz near me?” Luxe Grillz is the answer to your question and will make this process quick and easy! Purchasing Grillz in Long Beach is really simple! Luxe Grillz is the best place to buy custom Grillz in Long Beach. Luxe Grillz offers the greatest Grillz in the business paired with top-notch customer service. 

We have a main office in downtown Los Angeles where you can come by so we can take a mold of your teeth, or we can mail a mold kit to your house in Long Beach. Our mold kits are very simple to use and make it easy for you to get the perfect set of grillz regardless of where you live. 

Custom Grillz in Long Beach

How to Buy Custom Grillz in Long Beach

Seeing as Long Beach is pretty far from Los Angeles and you probably have a busy schedule, it might be best for you to take your own molds using a mold kit that we will send to your house. This process is easy to do and most of our clients who live in Los Angeles prefer this method because of how convenient it is.

Order your grillz mold-kit today.

This mold-kit will act as $200 store credit towards the purchase of any grillz you choose on our website. We offer two easy ways to help you take the perfect mold of your grillz. 

  1. Watch our grillz molding instructions video
  2. Facetime us once you receive your grillz and we'd be happy to walk you through the simple process. 

After you send your molds back to us, it will take us 5 to 6 days to make all solid gold Grillz and an additional 3-7 days to set the stones on all diamond Grillz. After they are manufactured, you can pick them up at our office, or we will ship them to you in Long Beach.

Long Beach Grillz Near Me

If you are willing to make the drive from Long Beach to Los Angeles, we would love to have you come by our Los Angeles Grillz office and we will take your mold in-person. We are located in the downtown jewelry district and have a VIP office that we would love to have you come by.

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How Much Are Grillz in Long Beach 

The price of grillz in Long Beach depends on whether you are buying Diamond Grillz or Gold Grillz. It will also depend on the number of teeth you choose, the karat of gold and carat of diamonds, as well as any other customizations you'd like to add to your grillz. 

The cost of grillz in Long Beach can range from $300 - $20,000 depending on what style you go with. Read more below to see what style you prefer. 

Buy Diamond Grillz Long Beach

If you are looking for a reliable Grillz manufacturer to make you the ideal set of diamond grillz, Luxe Grillz is here to serve all Long Beach residents! Our in-house group of gemologists hand-examine each stone that we use when we create every set of iced out teeth. Since Los Angeles and New York are the adornments center points of the United States, we can work hand-in-hand with the best gemstone dealers and manufacturers possible.

At Luxe Grillz, we just use VS+ Clarity, G-Color or VVS diamonds on all of our Grillz sets. If you are in Long Beach you can order your custom diamond Grillz directly from our website. We also have flexible financing options to help you with purchasing your diamond grillz sets.

Long Beach Grillz Near Me

Get started on your molds as soon as possible, and prepare to be amazed at the quality of the Grillz you will receive and the perfect fit you will have.

We are extremely certain that you will be thrilled with your shopping experience working with Luxe Grillz. Our hope is to exceed all of your expectations, providing you the nicest diamond grillz possible, and you recommend to all of your friends to come to Luxe Grillz.

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To purchase a set of solid gold Grillz, visit our website to see the options available or call us at (310) 592-9903. We have worked with numerous satisfied clients who live in Long Beach and they keep talking about the quality of the product and how straightforward the process was. They always mention how simple it is to use the home mold kit and the quick manufacturing turnaround time of all gold grillz. Living in Long Beach and shopping for gold grillz has never been easier.

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How To Get Get Grillz Fast in Long Beach

The fastest method for getting a set of grillz from us if you are in Long Beach is to call us (310) 592-9903 and set up an appointment to have us take your molds in our downtown Los Angeles office.

Next option is to order from our site and select "Expedited Shipping" at checkout. We will send a Mold pack to your home the following day so you can do your impressions. When we receive the molds back we will have your solid gold Grillz completed in around 5 days, Diamond Grillz will require an additional 2-6 days depending on the number of diamonds that are needed to set throughout your grillz.
We can ship your grillz to your house in Long Beach, but the fastest method would be for you to come by our office in downtown and pick them up in person

Best Place to Buy Grillz in Long Beach, California

We can relate to how challenging it can be to be able to find a reliable seller that you can trust to order your set of Grillz. Finding a company that’s dedicated to the production and manufacturing of these gold teeth can be something really hard, because many online grillz companies look unprofessional and do not make well-fitting grillz. That’s why Luxe Grill was born to provide customers with the best gold and diamond Grillz that money can buy. Offering a top-notch product along with incredible customer service, and an easy to follow mold kit process to make it easy for you to get custom grillz without leaving your couch.

Long Beach Grillz Near Me

More About Grillz

The first Grillz (commonly called gold fronts and slugs for the teeth) date back to 2,500 BC. Etruscan and Mayan women wore them for the same reason as rappers: as a symbol of status, money, and power. Pieces of turquoise have also been set directly into teeth and found in skeletal remains of people thousands of years old.
Grillz were also a kind of fashion for the Filipinos around the year 1500. Grillz have also been popular in countries like Tajikistan or Uzbekistan since the nineties.