Scoot Henderson

Scoot Henderson Fruity Pebble Grillz

By now you have probably heard of Scoot Henderson. Scoot was just picked as the Number 3 overall NBA Draft pick by the Portland Trail Blazers. What might be even more dazzling watching Scoot dribble and score the ball is the custom set of diamond grillz he was wearing during tonight’s draft.

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Scoot Henderson’s custom bottom 8 diamond grillz feature 4 white diamond teeth (the molars and canines), and the middle four teeth feature yellow blue red and green stones. These middle four teeth can be colored diamonds or they could be a combination of sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The bottom line is: Scoot Henderson’s custom diamond grillz definitely stole the show at this year’s NBA Draft. 

How much are Scoot Henderson’s Diamond Grillz

If you are interested in shopping for custom grillz similar to scoot Henderson then you should be ready to spend at least $4,200. At this price, you can expect a nice bottom 8 diamond grills piece made in 10 karat gold with VS+ lab grown diamonds.

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How long would it take for me to have a grill made similar to scoot Henderson?

In order to make a custom set of Diamond Grillz, similar to scoot Henderson, we would need to get a mold of your teeth. We can do this by mailing you a moldkit or we can set up an appointment for you to come by our office in downtown Los Angeles. After we have the molds of your teeth, we will have your custom Diamond Grillz finished in about two or three weeks and will have you matching your favorite, NBA star, scoot Henderson.


Steps to ordering custom diamond grills, like scoot Henderson:

  1. Shop our diamond grillz collection or reach out to us to design your set of custom diamond grillz! 
  2. We will mail you a moldkit or take your impression in-person at our LA office
  3. Your Scoot Henderson-inspired Diamond Grillz will be ready 2-3 weeks later!

Who was Scoot Henderson before the Diamond Grillz?

Born on October 12, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia, Scoot Henderson's passion for basketball blossomed at a young age. His unwavering dedication to the sport became apparent as he spent countless hours honing his skills on local courts. With a relentless work ethic and a burning desire to succeed, Henderson quickly became a standout player, drawing attention from scouts and college recruiters.