Marshawn Lynch Grillz: How Wearing Grillz in The NFL Started

Did you know that people have been adding jewels to their teeth for thousands of years? Back in the ancient world women of wealthy standing would add gold and jewels to their teeth. Etruscan women were most popular for this display of wealth. 

Ancient Mayans a few hundred years later added jade to drilled spots of their teeth. These fashion trends existed in cultures across time. For each society the purpose was different. But, mainly they were a statement of wealth and prestige. 

The tradition did not stop there. In recent years, people in the hip-hop industry started wearing golden grills. The statement was both of cultural and economic significance.

Then, football players wearing grills brought the fad to the sports scene! They started to wear them at a later time than those in the rap scene. But, now that they have them, they wear them proudly!

Let’s see what lineman Marshawn Lynch has worn over the years and how you can emulate your favorite player!  

Marshawn Lynch and His Ascent Into the NFL

Marshawn Lynch began his career at UC Berkley. While at UC Berkeley he proved his capabilities as the replacement to J.J. Arlington, who he replaced when Arlington graduated in 2005. Lynch proved his capabilities as a running back when in 2004 he rushed over 600 yards and got 147 touchdowns 

Once breaking into the NFL he continued his amazing performance as one of the fastest on the field. His career started with the Buffalo Bills, where he scored his first touchdown against the Denver Broncos. He finished the 2007 season as the Rookie of the Year. 

As his career continued he faced several injuries, including a serious one in 2015. He retired temporarily after receiving a large ankle injury that impacted his ability to perform. In 2017 he considered returning to the NFL if he saw the potential for another super bowl title. 

He returned in 2017 after negotiations for a trade from the Seahawks to the California Raiders went through. He played with the Oakland Raiders until 2019, which was his hometown. 

He wore his Grillz proudly in honor of his hometown. Many from the area claim that those from the outside wouldn’t understand their style.

Throughout his career, he was known as “Beast Mode” because of his ability to charge to the end zone fearlessly. He was one of the best guards and linemen in the NFL getting many nominations and titles.

NFL 48 as His Feather in His Cap

Marshawn Lynch won his first and only Super Bowl title in 2014. He was playing with the Seattle Seahawks and displayed outrageous energy on the field. He was aggressive and many claim he showed how badly he wanted this title. 

Super Bowl 48 was hosted in New Jersey at the MetLife Stadium. They played against the Broncos for the title. He displayed powerful energy all season. But, to have it topped by the Super Bowl was a great feather in his cap. 

In the second quarter, Marshawn Lynch ran the first touchdown for the game with only 12 seconds left. He held the ground for the team as the pro bowl player lineman. With over 1,200 yards and 12 touchdowns, the Seahawks knew he’d take them to victory. 

Super Bowl 48 was the biggest championship for the Seahawks in years. They would go on to take the title again in 2015. Sadly, this was one of Marshawn Lynch's hardest years, and he retired before making it to the super bowl. 

Some Scandals but Marshawn Has a Much Loved Attitude

Marshawn Lynch has unquestionable greatness on the field, that much is certain. But, he also has a well-loved personality amongst his fan base. This made them extra happy to see him return to the field in 2017. 

In the 2013-2014 season, Marshawn Lynch made a rather inappropriate display after a touchdown. The Seahawks were playing against the Greenbay Packers. When Marshawn caught an amazing pass before running it to the end zone. 

In the excitement, Marshawn Lynch was seen grasping himself inappropriately. When asked to comment on the sudden display, the lineman refused. 

He faced a $20,000.00 fine for this indecent display. But, the NFL struck him with another fine when he refused to speak to the press. As part of his NFL contract, the lineman is expected to give the press something to work with for fans. 

But, after this eventful game, Lynch refused to comment. When pressed by the NFL to make a public appearance he famously gave reporters little. While at the press conference, the NFL champion responded with only a statement that he was there because he had to be. He just wanted to avoid fines. 

Much to the shock and disappointment of the NFL, this attitude caused them some difficulties. But, to his fans, this attitude is part of what makes Lynch who he is. He is outspoken and brass. 

His hometown of Oakland loves this about him. And, when he flashes his golden Grillz to the crowd while munching on Skittles, they love him. 

When did Football players start wearing Grillz? Why does this awesome lineman wear the gold Grillz? 

When Did Grillz Get Their Place in the NFL?

You may be surprised to learn that wearing golden grills started way back in ancient history. Wearing expensive displays on your teeth or replacing your teeth with valuable metal was not uncommon. 

But, as far as in recent years, wearing grills on your teeth was popularized in the late 80s and 90s. Back in the 80s, these flashy designs were worn by rappers in New York City and California. Two popular rappers who started the fad were Raheem and later Kanye West. These artists consider these designs as an imperative part of who they are. 

For the NFL players, the wearing of grills was a statement of their personality. It also bound them closer to who they were and who they are. 

They also make a statement of their success. Wearing a golden grill states that you have made it. You have successfully gotten out of poverty and into the big leagues. 

But, the NFL players say they wear their NFL grillz to keep them humble. It reminds them of what they were striving for. 

When Did Marshawn Lynch Start Wearing the Golden Grillz?

For Marshawn Lynch, wearing Grillz connects him to his hometown. He has stated in interviews that he started wearing them as early as 12 years old. He was given them as a gift and said it defined him.

He wore these grills while pounding it out on the field and showing his carefree attitude. He reflects his love for his time with the Seahawks when he made a custom Seahawk grill. His other custom grill has his famous persona, “Beast Mode”. 

These customs display right across his front teeth with a vivid flash. 

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