Kylie Jenner Grillz

Kylie Jenner Grillz 

After rocking grillz for nearly a decade, it’s clear Kylie Jenner is no grillz novice and arguably played a large role in the still-growing popularity of grillz across social media. The media mogul stood out in 2014 when she rocked a gifted bottom set of diamond encrusted gold grillz, and then stunted a new solid gold bottom set just a few months later. The diamond crusted bottom teeth reportedly cost $15,000, and who wouldn’t want a gift like that? As the princess of social media and high fashion model herself, we know these were only the beginning of Kylie’s diamond-crusted path to elite grillz status. 

How Much Are Kylie’s Diamond and Gold Grillz?

Normally the price of high-profile grillz can only be speculated, but this time Kylie shared the price of her diamond and gold grillz gifted by her ex, Tyga, reportedly costed $15,000. Though the price always depends on the specific designer’s rate as well as the type of gold and material used. For example, we could recreate Kylie's Bottom 8 Diamond Grillz at around $7325, while her solid gold bottom 8 could be manufactured for about $895. 

Why is Kylie Jenner Wearing Grillz? 

Besides getting gifted grillz by her ex’s, Kylie has already ruled herself out as a grillz connoisseur and has sported them for multiple photo shoots and red carpet moments. Kylie turned heads after her split from Tyga, who provided her diamond set, when she sported a new set of solid gold grillz of her own design. As a fashion and style icon herself, she’s clearly on the cutting edge of luxury fashion and her grillz only continue elevating her boldest looks. 

Kylie’s Gold and Diamond Grillz

Kylie may know better than just about anyone on how to pull off a bold look, and her choice of grillz is only further proof of this. It seems that whether going bold gold or daring diamonds, Kylie prefers rocking a bottom 8 look, seemingly favoring the more "statement" choices of grillz. We're not surprised at the social media icon's choices of accessory, since she's never been known for shying away from the more daring of looks, and we love her all the more for it. 

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Kylie Jenner Background

Coming from a strong family of internet royalty with her big sister, Kim Kardashian, it was only fate that Kylie would continue the family tradition of media moguls and brand creators, now CEO of Kylie Cosmetics valued at over $1 billion. With her presence in both fashion and business, we thank Ms. Jenner for her constant style pushing and entertainment.  


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