Ja'marr Chase Grillz: The NFL Next Biggest Wide-Out Wearing Grillz

We often look to our favorite celebrities for the latest fashion trends. We love to emulate their style and we trust their fashion direction. Ja'Marr Chase is on the rise as one of the NFL's best receivers of 2021 and among these accomplishments also come with some fashions statements. See Ja'Marr Chase wearing his infamous VVS Diamond Grillz during an NFL game here:

While certain celebrities are known trendsetters, famous athletes are no exception as they stay ahead of the game - on and off the field. 

You may have seen soccer players change their hairstyle and all of their fans follow suit. Or a musical artist rocking a certain shoe, guaranteeing that shoe to sell out the following day. 

Celebrities wearing grillz is one of the hottest fashion trends at the moment when it comes to jewelry and accessories. One of the NFL's newest (and richest) rookies is currently rocking an iced-out set of teeth that's making a major statement in the world of fashion. 

Keep reading to learn more about Ja'Marr Chase and how you can get a set of grillz like his! 

Ja'Marr Chase and His Rise to Fame 

Ja'Marr Anthony Chase is an American football player. He plays wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Chase was born in Louisiana on March 1, 2000, and attended Archbishop Rummel High School, where he started his football career. He later attended Lousiana State University for college football. The young player was drafted in 2021 as the fifth overall pick by the Bengals. 

This rising football star was the "Rookie Of The Month" this past September after totaling four touchdowns in his first three games. 

He recently signed a four-year rookie contract worth over $30 million. The young star didn't waste any time and treated himself to a lavish and enviable set of diamond grillz. 

Grillz Worn by Ja'Marr Chase 

While the young athlete is making his name known in the world of football, he is also making a splash on the fashion scene with his swagger and style.

Not only did Chase sign a multi-million dollar contract with a massive signing bonus, but he is also actually one of the highest-earning rookies of all time. Ja'Marr Chase's star is very much on the rise. 

Chase's recent success allowed him to celebrate in style and show off with some extravagant ice.

He recently posted an Instagram photo upon arrival in Cincinnati, with a big grin on his face, flashing his shiny teeth, each one perfectly encrusted with beautiful diamonds. He points to his teeth while proudly rocking a Bengals jersey. 

NFL Athletes Setting Fashion Trends With Expensive Accessories 

Many professional athletes have made headlines over the last few years for wearing jewelry during practice as games. 

Odell Beckham Jr. was in the spotlight in 2019 for wearing an ostentatious watch during a season opener. The league prohibits wearing "hard objects" and there was much debate around whether or not there would be a fine. Read more on the rise of expensive accessories worn by NFL athletes.

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara also flaunted his well-earned accessories on the field.  He's famous for wearing his diamond grillz during his games, dating back to his college football days. Read the full story on our Alvin Kamara grillz guide.

For Ja'Marr Chase, his diamond grillz were not the first accessory that he wore publicly. The LCU wide receiver wore a large watch, made entirely of diamonds, down the red carpet, shortly after he was drafted.

Get the Grillz Inspired by Ja'Marr Chase

Now that you know all of the awesome benefits of wearing a grill, it's time to find a grill that's right for you. Customizing a grill is a fun and unique way to express your sense of style. 

If you've seen the flashy smile on Ja'Marr Chase, one of the biggest upcoming football stars, you know that he has a mouth full of gorgeous diamonds with his personalized set of grillz. The athlete is also quite the trendsetter and you may be wondering how to get a set of grillz that look like his. 

Here are some important factors to help you get a set of top and bottom grillz that are inspired by Ja'Marr Chase's iconic and trendy teeth. 

Top 8 and Bottom 8 VVS Diamond Grillz

For a full set of grillz, you want to get the bottom eight and the top eight of your teeth molded. You want to pay attention to the type of grill, the diamond clarity, and the purity of the metal. Grillz come in different styles with different metals and gemstones. 


Top 8 Diamond Grillz
Feature List: 

  • Gold purity: 14 karat
  • Diamond clarity: VVS
  • Diamond color: D
  • Number of teeth: 8 teeth
  • Gold color: white gold
  • Placement: top
  • Authentication: 100 percent authentic purity guarantee
  • Shipping policy: free mold kit

Diamond Top 8 Grillz

Buy Top 8 VVS Diamond Grillz

Diamond Bottom 8 Grillz 

To do it right, you must also pair the Top 8 VVS Diamond Grillz with the Bottom 8 Diamond Grill to complete the iced out flair. 


Feature List:

  • Gold purity: 14 karat
  • Diamond clarity: VVS
  • Diamond color: D
  • Number of teeth: 8 teeth
  • Gold color: white gold
  • Placement: top
  • Authentication: 100 percent authentic purity guarantee
  • Shipping policy: free mold kit

bottom 8 vvs diamond grillz

Buy Bottom 8 White Gold Diamond Grillz

Luxe Grillz's Diamond Grillz Bottom 8 is crafted from the finest materials and will give you the iced-out Alvin Kamara teeth you've always dreamed of. 

Type of Grillz

This is a diamond grill with 14K white gold. There are approximately 350 stones used in a set of right top teeth grillz. 

Purity and Color of Metal 

This grill is made from white gold that is 14 Karats. This means that it is about 58% pure gold with added metals for a lighter color. 

Diamond Clarity

The clarity of a diamond refers to the measurement of its flaws. The diamonds for this grill are VVS, meaning Very Very Slights and one measurement away from flawless. 

For this grill, the color is also "D", which is the highest grade of a colorless diamond. It refers to the diamond's transparency. 

The Low Down on Wearing Grillz 

A set of grillz is one of the trendiest accessories in current fashion. Not only can grillz give your style some serious edge, but they also say something about your financial success. If you want to flaunt your hard work and success, a set of grillz can say it without words. 

Like all fashion and beauty trends, wearing grillz can help to enhance your appearance. Male and female celebrities alike are photographed wearing grillz to give their outfits edge and opulence. 

However, you can customize a set of grillz that suits your personal style and your budget. There are a variety of metals, styles, and gemstones to create the perfect set of grillz for you. This is a great way to express your style and add some bling to your jewelry collection.

Grillz are made from a mold of your teeth, and like other forms of cosmetic jewelry, they are removable. This makes it easy to clean and ready to wear as much as you want. 

What Grillz Can Do For Your Smile

We know that grillz are one of the trendiest accessories in a current fashion which can give you some edge and allow you to express your personal style. But it might surprise you to know that grillz come with a few added benefits that you may not know about. 

They Improve The Look of Your Teeth 

If you have stained, crooked, or missing teeth, a set of grillz can enhance the appearance of your smile. They make your teeth appear straight and allow you to cover up any imperfections. 

They are also pleasant to look at. With several different types of metals and gemstones available for a set of grillz, they can draw attention and start a conversation. 

Grillz can give you a boost in self-confidence if you are insecure about imperfections with your smile.

They Give Help Protect Your Teeth 

One of the added advantages of wearing a grill is that it helps to protect your teeth. 

When your teeth come into contact with certain foods, it can create acid erosion that damages the enamel of your teeth. While wearing grillz, your teeth do not come into contact with acidic and sugary foods. 

Additionally, the metals of your grill act as a safeguard for your natural teeth. They help to prevent sensitivity and cracking because of protective metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. 

They Eliminate Breath Odor 

A surprising benefit of wearing grillz is that you can avoid bad breath. 

When you eat, your food leaves a layer of residue on your teeth, gums, and tongue. Brushing this residue off of your tongue and gums is much easier than your tooth enamel - leaving you with bad breath.

A set of grillz can protect your teeth from residue. You can take off your grill and clean it after you've eaten. 

The Diamond Grillz Guarantee 

If you're interested in a set of gold or diamond grillz just like the one Ja'Marr Chase is currently wearing, Luxe Grillz can hook you up. 

They not only offer the hottest styles but they are fully customizable with a 100% authentic purity guarantee. They work with jewelry appraisers and source their diamonds from trusted distributors all around the world. 

The talented team consists of grillz manufacturers and diamond setters to give you a flawless set of grillz, every time. 

Once you place your order, Luxe Grillz will send you a free mold kit to make an impression of your teeth. Now you're on your way to rocking some frosty fangs. 

Stay on Trend and Sink Your Teeth Into Some Grillz 

With some of the hottest professional athletes and celebrities paving the way for current fashion, it's easy to stay on-trend. Not only do grillz take your style to the next level, but they also help you flaunt your well-earned success and come with a ton of unexpected benefits.

If you're ready to rock some awesome mouth jewelry, check out Luxe Grillz for a variety of grillz to suit your style. They are the #1 source for gold and diamond grillz! 

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